On 14th, May, 2006, after five years and 24 million NT. Dollar spent, Taipei Guest House finally appeared to the world again with its brand new face. The reopening ceremony gathered the most important people in the nation and guests from all over the world. Our students and teachers were honor to be invited to attend this meaningful ceremony, for we are the closest prime school to the Guest House. It was a pleasure of ours to witness the reopening of the century old mansion.
One week before the reopening, eight teachers in our school were invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affair to visit Taipei Guest House in advanced. That was an extraordinary experience for the teachers, and this visit changed our impressions toward Taipei Guest House and even the repair and recondition of the monuments.
What¡¦s The investigation of dissect methods

When our group interviw the architect Lin Mr., when he mentions repairingTaipei Guest Houseat that time, must do the deep investigation to building mark and shape looks of this historical site, the so-called ' the disintegration investigation ' that that is to say. It is to go on the physical examination of whole body to the building to disintegrate and investigate , then can cut a bit and organize and test in some little parts, in order to confirm its characteristic. The historical site is repaired and likenned a person's words into, is just like older persons, a lot of organs wear out , architect that we repaired the historical site as if the doctor, should help him to make the physical examination of whole body and know the situation that the organ wears out first , this kind of physical examination is named and disintegrated the investigation, then could find out the method to repair . Such as this floor of hall ofTaipei Guest House, have dug its foundation through us, dismantle carpet of epidermis , is it spread beautiful magnetism brick very to find , install additional air conditioning lead to the fact the damaged situation, and several holes appear, this causes the reason to leak. Looked for a lot of materials to find , this kind of ceramic tile came from Britain later. What the part of the roof was seen later is copper pan tile , but looked for a lot of materials to find it was the stone pan tile originally. The disintegration which has done a lot of parts is investigated to begin to start to repair. Can be said domestic the first historical site and repair and disintegrate the case of the investigation inTaipei Guest House.

We feel curious deeply to this job, architect Lin ZhengXiong has offered a lot of materials to us, let us understand ' disintegrate ' , itself one design and plan , this to need specialized technology originally, but not the just simple project of disassembling.

1. The investigation of dissect methods is a method that focus on the covered parts of the architecture that needed to be repaired. First all the items shall be tested to see if they need to be reconditioned or not. It is a more efficient and accurate way to repair monuments.

2. The investigation of dissect methods required the advanced researches to presume the parts and items that is necessary to be departed. This method does more likely to give the building a NMR then anatomize certain sections. Moreover, this method removes the improper repairs in the previous recondition to complete further researches.
Why Doing The investigation of dissect methods
After the meaning understood 'Reoration and Investigation' tentatively, we understandTaipei Guest Housefor must collect the further materials before the maintenance project beginning. The following is that the disintegration investigates the importance repaired toTaipei Guest House.
  • To build a specific and complete data base for future researches. The documents contain everything the working team has known, from the main structure of the building to the patterns of the carpets.
  • Evaluating the damaged parts, and conjecturing the causes to support more detailed repairing researches.
  • Collecting more information about the covered structure, including the framework and the materials.
  • Simulating the differences of using various materials and methods on the computer and models to conclude a better solution.
  • To recur the building base on the prior repairing documents.


Type and principle of the 'Reoration and Investigation'

Damage Investigation

Analyzing the causes and ranges of the damages.

Item and Material Investigation

Investigating the structure and material of everything in the building and the building itself.

Junction Research

Examine every junction in the building, find out in what epoch of time it was made, the materials, and how it was made.

Dissecting Research

Recording the status and trace before dissecting certain parts of the building.

Excavating Research

Uncover the foundation of the building to find those unknowns.

Measuring and Testing

Classifying the damaging items, then note down the details. And undertake the measuring and testing.nd .


The flow of invesigation for yaipei Giset House


Roof of Investigation
Extant structure analysis


Workers remove the tile situation of the slabstone
Extant slabstone tile

Ceiling of Investigation


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