Fourth governor jade source too after my darling takes up an official post , because economy, political situation are already steady gradually A.D. 1898, and discuss and decide in east door is it build permanent official residence to taking on one year, so governor official residence is it build meanwhile with the Taiwan sacrificial place one year (one year ) to manage on tomorrow, will manage for 34 years (1901 ) and build finishing at the same time tomorrow too. According to lesson of governor palace building technician remember at that time, think jade source my darling too and responsible for civil administration of government affairs leader Gotoh new to build governor official residence and Taiwan sacrificial place at the same time while being flat at that time, for is it mould building of symbolizing etc. two building this to attempt, if representative of governor official residence colony high existence ruling government official's governor most, so should shake the Taiwanese people with the grand and magnificent building, in order to show the governor's majesty. And the sacrificial place of Taiwan colonizes the existence of Mikado , ruler of suzerainty's state congress Japanese kingdom on behalf of being whole, unify the inclination of the hearts of the people.

First the governor official residence Yuan is the officer of the supreme right government official in Taiwan residence , because Taiwanese governor official residence Xin builds project fee and is up to 217,000 rounds, because the official residence expenses of the Taiwanese governor are paid by the Japanese national treasury, even is higher than the newly-built expenses of the official residence of the Japan governors of other colonies at that time, therefore cause the criticism of Japanese media and Congress . Became Japanese people of imperial lineage to come to Taiwan to have a rest and pay one's respects to the important stronghold of the sacrificial place of Taiwan later. However, the hotel of Taibei being seen now, had not built the initial original appearance finished in 1901 (treat in 34 tomorrow ) yet.

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