This school participates in on invitation and completes the ceremony of repairing

On 14th, May, 2006, ?after more than four years and 420 million NT. Dollar spent, Taipei Guest House finally appeared to the world again with its brand new face. The reopening ceremony gathered the most important people in the nation and guests from all over the world. Our students and teachers were honor to be invited to attend this meaningful ceremony, for we are the closest prime school to the Guest House. It was a pleasure of ours to witness the reopening of the century old mansion.

? One week before the reopening, eight teachers in our school were invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affair to visit Taipei Guest House in advanced. That was an extraordinary experience for the teachers, and this visit changed our impressions toward Taipei Guest House and even the repair and recondition of the monuments.?
Complete ceremony gather in school will it be morning the same day , the ndirector best prove item and procedure of ceremony that should pay attention to when visiting with all child and parents.   Complete the ceremony on the same day , main entrance mouth spread red carpet , in high spirits to crane one's neck to look into the distance and enter by person that are received specially we have.

President Chen Shui-bian , and administrative president Su ZhenChang , foreign minister's yellow will unveil to cut the ribbon sweet-smellingly together on the same day morning.
Interview the director Ji Ms. of my school

Taipei Guest House complete ceremony in will it be May 14 2006, Our school s teachers and students one of the honored guests who will be invited too the same day. Our group has visited the discipline snow which undertake this activity to try to the director best.

1.How to ask to director Ji May of 2006 to host and visit the activity that the hotel of Taibei unveils again?
2.How could Ministry of Foreign Affairs invite our school originally?
3.Could you tell me that a director had once been to the hotel of Taibei before holding this activity? How is the impression?
4.What change is this impression after going?
5.Hold this activity to own parents , classmate and teacher in common to participate in?
6. How often do you come to the hotel of Taibei to act as the will worker?
7. Could you tell me that thinks compared with other historical sites , is there any special place in the hotel of Taibei?
8. After watching the hotel of Taibei, what ideas have to the maintenance of the historical site?

The procedure form of the ceremony in recovery project of Taipei Guest House

Our school (student , teacher , parents amount to 410 people , ) can join ceremony of completing , Taibei of hotel, invitation that it is that Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites that mainly. It is meaningful to our school that the school considers such an activity, because our school is the only primary school in Taibei, and can be invited into to visit , enable our students to witness this historical site with historical significance, can open its mysterious veil too , let us have further understanding to it.

The school knows that this school has an opportunity to visit, begin to prepare the whole activity, stick information in the school homepage at first , seek and ask the class liked to visit, then eight teachers are completing the ceremony to go first in the past one week, reconnoitre actually. Ministry of Foreign Affairs will invite this school originally, because our school was neighbours of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, think that the students of this school have good quality , the one that can increase the scene too is lively.

Director Ji has thought where is small and exquisite and exquisite while not being to the hotel of Taibei , there are courtyards, only the president's honored guest can enter , seem very mysterious too. In the impression is that a characteristic of the hotel of Taibei is Baroch building in Japan, it is the building of the Japanese style, where there is lime of Tianhougong Palace bridges made.

After visiting tTaipei Guest House, think the platform and reality of the pond photo , stone implement on the publication different, perimeters are all different too.

Maintenance of Taipei Guest House, director Ji thinks that all people should probe into diligently together , go to safeguard together.

Visit this school and study the discipline snow in the place to try to the director best, hosts course and idea that this school visit the activity that Taipei Guest House unveils to May of 2006 again
Announcement participate in ' recovery project of Taipei Guest House complete the ceremony ' item that should be paid attention to on this school homepage
Appointment and visit
Interwiew narrator

In order to probe into the building characteristic of Taipei Guest House and repair the course, our group surfs the Net to register to make an appointment to visit on December 17, visit to we on the same day and hold the bar code form and identity file and show up , after a verification identity, visit in accordance with the guide route, and strong-willed engineering personnel explain. We too in visit this time, visit one narratorl, retired our school . We have worked out the draft of visiting as follows:

1.What's your name?
2. Serve as the will worker in other places ?
3. Are you in the working content of the hotel in Taibei?
4. Do you like this job?
5. Why do you want to come here as the will worker?
6. How often do you come to the hotel of Taibei to act as the narrator?
7. Why do you know that the hotel of Taibei recruit will workers?
8. How do you obtain information of guide of hotel of Taibei?
9. Could you tell me how long you have held this post?
10 . Take on will may worker see which open part that visit?
11.Could you tell me what you have learnt to hold this post?
It happened that the narrator on the same day is our retired teacher of the school Lu shakes the teacher, she once served as the narrator of the guide in Taipei Botanical Gardens and presidential palace. The work of Taipei Guest Housel is to hold the fixed guide to explain in Taibei, will change the place too sometimes. Because will man-hour as the narrator, as Taipei Guest House should seek in the presidential palace originally, brave participation. Interested in the historical site on the other hand, Mr. Lu likes this job very much. Clothes of hotel of Taibei comes hardworkingly to cooperate for each month at present , open last year (2006 ) again in May, so the time of the service is still less than one year. While accepting and explaining training , have reached the show area of second floor , but has not for general people to visit while opening formally later. Mr. Lu says that while serving as the narrator , let her have a further knowledge of hotel and history of Taibei in this section, let her life be adopted more colourfully too.
School this retire Mr. Lu , serve as narrator , Taipei Guest House at present
Interview parents

After visiting Taipei Guest House\i, parents whom the counterpart who our group visits on the same day visited.

1.Could you tell me your name and age?
2.Have you been to the hotel of Taibei?
3.When to go? (annual and month)?
4.What is the motive visited originally?
5.What is the impression on Taipei Guest Housebefore visiting?
6.Satisfied with the guide which explains the narrator while visiting? Why?
7.What changes does the understanding of Taipei Guest Househave after visiting?
8.What suggestions maintain having to historical site likeTaipei Guest Housei?

Interviewees : Weng Ms.

Weng Ms. is Xu Jie's mother, 36 years old this year. Visit the hotel of Taibei , feel satisfied in her attitude to service of the will worker of the guide this time (December 17 , 1996 ), ,because attitude, will of worker very cordial. In the past for Taibei the noble in impression of the hotels,. Refined and mysterious, may be very difficult to near, pass the visit this time, just find it was just in the surrounding area of life originally. Opening again to the hotel of Taibei, she thinks she should keep the primitive style and features of the historical site .

Interviewees : Hung Ms.

Hung Ms. is Lin Rong's mother, 48 years old this year, the housewife serves as the voluntary labour mother in the school. She once visited Taipei Guest House two times (May and December of 1996). The reason wanted to visit originally is because the hotel of Taibei never opened for the people to visit, not coming in, out of curiosity. Before not being yet , think the hotel of Taibei is a mysterious place , and the place where the president entertained the foreign guest, should be very magnificent. As to where 's guide will common, she feel suitable satisfaction, think clearing extraordinary that he explain, and will explain the special meaning in all buildings voluntarily, for example: Which location where has the president sat? Where does the foreign guest wait? Why is carving on the door an abalone? The carvings of 17 fireplaces are all different, indoor finding goldleaves are all pieced together by goldleaf like the size of stamp.

After visiting Taipei Guest House, understand this building is extremely to the limit splendid , fill the share and represent U.S.A. of the building . Know that Japanese colonize the occasionally definitely clearly demarcated class difference in Taiwan and status which the imperial family can't infringe at the same time . Maintain as to such a historical site, she hope all maintenance of the historical site can think Taibei hotel the same, reappear genuinly, the background , and local trait at that time that could let descendant feel , reflect the real style , meaning , era of that building at that time .

Interviewees : Xu Mr.

Xu Mr. is a teacher of this school too. He completes the ceremony (May of 1996 ) to visit. Because there were announcements to regard class as the unit to visit in the school originally, showed student, hope that students study a little more knowledge. Thought to the hotel of Taibei in the past that was a very mysterious place , wanted to have further understanding. To find is more beautiful than to want as what was hit after visiting, it has used originally in the building materials of Tianhougong Palace of 228 parks, there is desolate , feeling sighed over with feeling. Xu Mr. thinks that the hotel of Taibei cTaipei Guest House an set up more comment cards , and remind visitor's destruction of the historical site.


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