The first step to know Taipei Guest House is to know its history.

Built in 1901, the Guest House was used as the mansion of the governor of Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. It had been taken over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan) at 1945, and has been functioned as the banquet house receiving national guests.

Before the Japanese built the governor mansion, the first governor Sukenori Kabayama landed on Keelung with army forces in 1895. Kabayama first settled in the old Keelung customs and then leaded the military into Taipei city in the same June. However, the Guest House wasn't the first residence for the governor in Taipei, instead, the old Ching dynasty city hall was where the governor lived in when he first arrived in Taipei. Nevertheless, the traditional Chinese designed house wasn’t comfortable for the governor. And he moved to the former western private school, where the life style suited him better. The governor didn’t forget to have a place treating his guests, he name the former Chinese school next to his new residence as the” Light Water House”, meaning the real friendships between gentlemen are like clear water.

Fig. 1: And ' large Taibei bird's-eye view ' issued can see urban area plan governor palace and road during the ' governor's official residence ' after carrying on one year, and the relation that make between the roads in governor's official residence and imperial decree which pay one's respects to the sacrificial place of Taiwan. (picture from Hsu Yu-Chien Architecture Association)
Fig. 2: The boat that Japan manages period shines and pursues , governor official residence square to lie in left, right face the east pieces of city wall round ring enclosed after removing and pay one's respects to imperial decree , Taiwan of sacrificial place make road (picture from Hsu Yu-Chien Architecture Association)

Japan manages period The Taiwanese governor tabulates

Term of office
Come from the ground
Military rank / political party
Take office
birth to the soldier
Initial stage governor times of military officer
樺山 資紀 (Kabayama Sukenori) 1895/05/10 - 1896/06 鹿兒島 Senior general of the navy 58 years old
1837 - 1933
桂 太郎 (Katsura Taro) 1896/06/02 - 1896/10 山口 Lieutenant general 49years old 1848/11 - 1913/01
乃木 希典 (Nogi Maresuke) 1896/10/14 - 1898/02 山口 Lieutenant general 47years old 1849/11 - 1912/09
兒玉 源太郎 (Kodama Kentarou) 1898/02/26 - 1906/04 山口 陸general 47years old 1852/02 - 1906/07
佐久間 左馬太 (Sakuma Samata) 1906/04/11 - 1915/04 山口 Senior general of ground force 62years old 1844 - 1915
安東 貞美 (Ando Sadayoshi) 1915/05/01 - 1918/06 長野 Senior general of ground force 62years old 1853 - 1932
明石 元二郎 (Akaishi Motojiro) 1918/06/06 - 1919/10 福岡 Lieutenant general 55years old 1864 - 1919/10/26
The civil official governor times
田 健治郎 (Den Kenjiro) 1919/10/29 - 1923/09 兵庫 政友會 65years old 1855 - 1930
內田 嘉吉 (Uchida kaki) 1923/09/06 - 1924/09 東京 政友會 58years old 1866 - 1933
伊多喜男 (Izawa Takio) 1924/09/01 - 1926/07 長野 憲政會    

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