September 11

Teacher Feng Ms. has introduced and known ' the fair of network circle ' on class for first time, what the themes of a nine big classes are introduced is very detailed. We know one's own task of majoring in this course too, is to finish a keynote speech. And then, let us appreciate all previous award-winning works and want us to think which conditions a good theme website has.

September 18 Study the planning and design of websites, our group publishes the idea of viewing and admire award-winning works, and practise putting forward the question of studying and drawing the structure of websites.
September 25

Everybody absorbs all the useful ideas and discusses the structure and division of labour of the theme webpage.


October 2 Study inserting in and editor's image of Dreamweaver, we have known ' the absolute route ' and ' relative route ', we find Dreamweaver really handy oh! For do to compile photo, teacher teach us change the size of the photo with PhotoImpact too, bright degree, and how photo way that file reduce weight.
October 16

In order to make the introduction of us, we help the other side to take pictures each other with several cameras, then transmit into the computer. The abundant teacher teaches us how to adjust the photo to size 400*300. And then, beginning editor's personal self-introduction.

October 23 Study with the advantage of making the webpage of ' the form ' today, not only can standardize the materials , can let the whole webpage look clearer too! We present the introducing myself of ' the small detective of the historical site ' in form way , study how to add the color, with alternate way different adding the background color , make the webpage more beautiful!
October 30

' linking ' can be said and contact the important role of webpage, we study the link of linking and e-mailbox of exceeding linking , website's inside file of websites. Everybody very glad can page this add own E-mail (e-mail of Dreamweaver link originally in ' historical site little detective ', add ' mailto: ',and learn employ).

Learning link, we can fine Taibei materials file of hotel, editor of we,, exceed linking between each other, it is really magical that the materials on the network are transmitted !

November 6 That studied is to put our photo in order with ' Picasso ''s editor's free software of this photo album today, the very fast one can turn all photos into an interesting photo album oh! And then, we continue gathering together the materials whole in accordance with the task of assigning by oneself. The materials found, will come to the source to note down at once, and do the simple introduction of source websites, this is ' the reference material ' that websites appear of ours. The teacher has been emphasizing all the time , finding the materials, does not compile into our webpage content immediately , is it confirm credibility of content first to want, so understanding of this source website and recommend, it is very important.
November 13 Hold ' webpage is it test to act as in fact ' , teacher produce one theme , want skill that we utilize today, such as linking , image map , pursueing layer showing / hiding etc. , finish a theme webpage. This is my first time to have the information lesson to test in fact, everybody is very nervous , but I very interesting, can test oneself learn.
November 20

In fact the building of the Taipei Guest House is ' Baroch type ', that materials reached of the group are wrong before this, it is ' brother's Germany type '. It is a blessing, when consult the materials among the groups, the materials of many pens are all ' Baroch type ', and the official site is written like this. So, the materials of this group must be inquired about again. It is a blessing that finds , otherwise the contents of theme websites offer wrong information. Just verify what a teacher emphasizes, must judge whether the materials are the correct importance .

And the address of the Taipei Guest House, everybody has a dispute , is Kaitegalan Boulevard No. 1 on earth? The 3rd? So determine to walk and have a look again, in order to confirm its address.

November 27
' the natural ecology ' that has the Taipei Guest House in original our website structure is introduced, but there are actually few materials that can be found, and there is disparity with key theme, the teacher and everybody discussed , determine to take away this theme . Will adjust soon in dividing the work, will increase the introduction to ' the recovery project ' separately , besides importance of the introduction , this historical site ,, the course and idea repaired will be one of the topics which we will probe into .
December 4 Since open the mysterious veils of hotels of Taibei, how to go to visit in person ? After inquiring about via Mr. Chen's telephone, after the recovery project ceremony on May 14, this school is invited to participate in, the open folk time to visit of first time is confirmed to be for December 17, so our most important progress at present, is it understand history , building their group must accomplish really the task assigned to want just, find out about Baroch's characteristic in the building , visit hour to realize to some extent.
December 11 The group reaches the preregistration of Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and visits and discusses the same day journey and materials preparing. Mr. Chen distributes the focal point that everybody wants to take a picture, and read our webpage materials again, in order to confirm whether the progress is reached .
December 17

We make an appointment a little of afternoon gather in the Taipei Guest House, everybody expectant to is it is it peep on earth to enter to want, this piece have only metre of national important places from we school attached primary school, but so mysterious, another we are very curious. The mood that we bring doubt and probe into, begin to carry on our task.

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December 18

The photo taken a picture of Taipei Guest House is put in order and classified to visit yesterday , and began to put the necessary photo in every webpage successively .

January 4

Discuss that visits the question of Lin Mr. architect . Everybody stays after leaving school, Mr. Chen leads us to ponder over the question, and sum up and classify the question put forward of the group one by one.

January 15

Visit Lin Mr. architect on the same day , we are a proposition of the questions prepared in advance. Very enthusiastic our question of answer of architect Lin on the same day , visit the content in our record conscientiously .


January 22 Put all webpages in order, and check one by one whether to finish all progress or not. And write it to gains and idea participating in the fair of network circle this time.

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