Taipei Guest House, its oval roof and stone wall of the arch, are full of exotic buildings , often attract passing people's sight . But the pedestrian that took a glance at hurriedly, it was day according to the hotel of Taibei of the official residence of the governor of era that probably it is very difficult to imagine this, have history 103 years old (1901-2004 ) already.

The outer wall around the hotel of Taibei is higher than people, before opening yet in the past, the person passing is unable to peep the inside scene , just a few which our group can only visit from photo on the old photo or the network too. Since it is visited for general people that open in June of last year (2006 ) , believe that more people can witness their great and grand Baroch type buildings in person , can reveal this mysterious veil in minds of common people too.

Taipei Guest House located on the first of Ketagalan Boulevard , itíŽs only 10 minutes of walk from the exit no. 2 of NTUH station ,Tanshui line.



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