The function of Taipei Guest House

?Before paying a visit to Taipei Guest House, it was a mysterious mansion that attracted our sights with its Baroque building. However, we have later found that its beauty and privacy made it a perfect place to hold national events.

Taipei Guest House was built as one of the most luxurious buildings in the Japanese Empire at that time; it¡¦s a symbol of the great empire to the colony. The expensive cost and the grand building astonished the Taiwanese, and the Japanese as well. Soon, the famous mansion aroused the attention of Emperor Taisho, and then he sent his son, the crowned prince Hirihito (later the Emperor Showa) to inspect Taiwan. But after the crowned prince¡¦s stay in the mansion, the governor and his family were no longer daring to live in the house, for the royalty are believed divine and sacred. And the Guest House was used as the place to host the Japanese royalty until they left in 1945.

After the KMT regime came from mainland China in 1945, the Guest House was still a inapproachable mystery for the commoners. It was still a place for important national events and influential until its recently reopening.

Now, Taipei Guest House is open for the commoners on the first Saturday of every even-numbered month. People just need to register on line and then will be arranged to pay a visit to Taipei Guest House.

The function of Taipei Guest House is completed from 1901 as follows to today (2007 )'s change:

Japan's occpation period (1901-1945)

Governor's official residence The purpose while completing in 1901 is in order to be regarded as an official residence for the highest administrative government official's governor, and have symbolizing nature meanings, showing day , the kingdom shakes the Taiwanese people strongly with the grand and magnificent building.
Japanese people of imperial lineage come to Taiwan to have a rest and pay one's respects to the important stronghold of the sacrificial place of Taiwan Because the fabrication cost is expensive after Taipei Guest House completes, cause the roar of the concern and criticism in Japan, so big straight Mikado sends the crown prince of Hirohito to come to Taiwan to advocate the national strength and prestige of the imperial family, and it is too too splendid to inspect the hotel of Taibei , so live in the hotel of Taibei. And after the crown prince has lived in the hotel of Taibei, the governor does not dare to live , but become and receive coming to Taiwan and having a rest or paying one's respects to the stronghold of the sacrificial place of Taiwan of the people of imperial lineage specially.
Hold the route of the parade at night Japan according to night in the times parade,the getting more grand because of building in TTaipei Guest Houses, in addition, on the night take the photograph shining light . It is magnificent to show even more , so will become and parade at night a on-line dazzling point of way.

After recovering (1945-2001)

Sign the Sino-Japanese contract In 1950 times, sign ' the Sino-Japanese contract ' strongly in the hotel of Taibei in foreign minister Ye GongChao , Japanese foreign minister's river field .
President's official residence of the province
Recover Taiwan Province official residence of president after , extend day according to era supreme right first leader old rule of residence.
Hold the state banquet Friendly nation head or important government official or Congress' speaker of our country ,etc. come to visit , the president entertain the visiting heavy state banquet meeting-place of foreign head , policy, belong to the national-level hostel .
Hold the cocktail party on National Day It will be at time when the hotel of Taibei holds the cocktail party on National Day (divided by rebuilt on every year ten National Days (2002-2003 years), the host of this cocktail party is a foreign minister, invite the target for head , foreign minister , Congress' speaker , vice speaker , envoy in China of friendly nation , sojourning in representatives of bridge circles ,etc..
Important policy meeting Former president Lee Teng-hui promoted and amended constitution in 1997, have drawn ' the precise province ' with the relevant matters in discussion , slip of the hotel of Taibei, has confirmed that the government organizes the policy that does away with a hierarchical system.
Draw and determine as the country and fix the historical site Ministry of Internal Affairs appointed as the country and fixed the historical site in 1998, under the jurisdiction of the presidential palace, but administrative power belongs to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (materials source http://www.president.gov.tw/1_art/build/taihall/taihall.html)
Meet the foreign political V.I.P.
President Chen Shui-bian has met three Clinton , gold swimming, Lee Kuan Yew, Dalainama,etc. in the hotel of Taibei after taking up an official post in 2000.
Hold the party and government meeting  

Flat Song will reach ten conclusions on February 24 , 2005, confirm the supreme principle of the cross-Straits relations of the present stage, observe the constitution , maintain the statusquo , create the peace, base on the premise that two sides are peaceful, president Chen promise , stand fast at commitment on ' four first ' within term of office. (Source of the materials: Yearbook of Taiwan )

After rebuilting (whether 2005 so far)
Hold the cocktail party on National Day (the cocktail party of National Day of 2005) Will invite national skill gentle circle personage , representatives of various circles of society and legislative organ every policy shelf leader to participate in besides inviting the foreign guest in cocktail party to ask.
Receive the foreign guest Like function before rebuilting , do it in order to receive the diplomatic meeting-place that holds the state banquet.
Hold the art of activity Hold the gentle luxuriant growth activity on new year on February 22 , 2006 (whether materials picture meet http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/6/2/22/n1233575.htm)
Opening is for the people to visit Opening to the outside world is for general people to surf the Net to apply to visit every bimonthly Sunday of first week since June 4 , 2006, reach the idea of returning the hall and the people .
Hold the cocktail party on National Day (the cocktail party of National Day of 2005)

Open hour

After the hotel of Taibei repairs, will be not merely regarded as the place to receive foreign head and honored guest , plan to cooperate with the presidential palace to open greatly once in 2 months too at present, open hour is once every 2 months, once every one day, open from 8 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, within 800 of visitor number limit per hour. In order to avoid the crowd that line up to wait for live , will carry on log-in and register by way of network registration, is it is it is it finish bar code form after to make an appointment to print to stand side by side, on open the same day in accordance with make an appointment period hold this bar code form and from identification to Taipei Guest House, can enter the hall to visit after finishing the safe audit program. It will opened to register to stop when the amount if full that ' the network makes an appointment and registers. The diplomatic inferior officer keeps some planned numbers and supports the people to line up to register to visit live by the identification on open the same day.

Open range

It is main hall the the first floor, vestibule garden,it is main for hall second floor and behind open for the time being flower garden .


Now and Future
At the time of the future use of tTaipei Guest House of our panel discussion, everybody thinks open that it is good too to take a picture for rookies , but Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not consider temporarily that take a picture individually for rookies open. As for the function , only as receiving the head of state or the foreign guest , seem a little regrettable. We think we can give play to and turn into the function visited , because Taipei Guest House and only one street of park 228 separate, can contact in if the beauty spot of two places, in order to form the special zone of a museum, answering can attract visitors . Perhaps can transfer it to Ministry of Internal Affairs or the cultural bureau of Taibei , enable the hotel of Taibei to give play to role and function who makes historical site of its country.


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