Ten years after its completion in 1901, Taipei Guest House was reconditioned massively to be the greatest and most classical European Baroque architecture. The original design was a Renaissance style with symmetrical design on both sides. The main architecture is a south-faced, 凹 shape building decorated with craved patterns, pillars, and chandeliers.

What is ' Baroch ' building ?

In order to understand which are the characteristic in the building in ' Baroch '? We have inquired about the relevant materials further. It want know ' Baroch ' building ,should first prophet dishes of Baroch origin of art.

Baroch's origin

Baroque is an art style performing in late seventeenth hundred to mid nineteenth hundred. And the word Baroque may came from three origins. And all of the origins contain the meanings of queer and grotesque .

    • Baroco in Italian, which means a ridiculous red tape theology discussion.
    • Barocchio in Italian, which refers to an ambiguous and suspicious trade.
    • Barocco in Portuguese, which means an out of shape pearl.

Baroch's characteristic in the building


Has sensation of movement, pursue the dramaticism , static behavior at the time of for another example classical Renaissance of result of overstating , perspecting, and the crooked sensation of movement that dispose appears.
Tries hard to display or hint the infinite sense : Is it is it perspect result make it is it is it mould the misted tactics of surface of the mirror to attack to become to vary to use.
Emphasizes the light : It is the light to design to a kind of person, but not natural light, produced a kind of dramatic atmosphere, creating has three-dimensional effect , depth sense , space of the level sense even more than the Renaissance. Cause the outline line fuzzy , the composition melts organically, and there are whole senses .
Does not adhere rigidly to the boundary line between all kinds of art forms : Art forms , such as building , painting , sculpture ,etc. will be combined together.

Baroch building of Taipei Guest House
The architect in Baroch period thinks that the building is that a independence moulded according to a lot of requests is overall, so mostly Baroch building seems to be as a large-scale sculpture.
The typical characteristic of Baroch building is oval, olive shape and more complicated figure changed from the complicated geometric figure . Reply the rolling over type roof, in order to stem from the roof form after Baroch period in France, the roofing adopts the fish scale tile, the part of the attic opens the dormer window, form and feel quite rich roof form wholly.
Baroch type that carve and goldleaf twine to is it the crystal light has hung to hang down to spend leaf.
The gable and roof of Baroch's design are decorated.
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