Japan's occupation period

?Designed as the residence for the governor; but Taipei Guest House wasn¡¦t just function as the private space for the governor and his family. The east wing of the first floor was used as the official area; the southern side was the reception room next to the secretary¡¦s office, and the northern side was the grand conference room and the kitchen and maids¡¦ room.

We could tell that Taipei Guest House wasn¡¦t just a residence; it had its social and official usages. The most special design of the mansion was the balconies extended from every side of the building, which made the building and the garden united in one. The most well-known event held in the Guest House every year during the Japanese occupation was the annual poem chanting feast.

Recovery period
After WWII, Taipei Guest House was taken over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of R.O.C. (Taiwan), and useod as the place to hold national banquets and major national events since.?

President Lee Den-hui and meeting the mayors in 27, Mar, 1999


President Chen Shui-bian having his first international press conference in the garden of Taipei Guest House in 20, Jun, 2000

President Chen Shui-bian witnessed the Wedding of Human Rights in 10, Dec, 2000.     
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