The retired house of NeiPu Camp The retired house of NeiPu Camp The retired house of NeiPu Camp The retired house of NeiPu Camp


Original Village Name ¡G The retired house of NeiPu Camp
Current Community Name ¡G Not rebuilt yet
Location ¡G WoLong Street , Taipei City

This was a camp. After the military moved away, it was rebuilt to be a military dependents' village for veterans. When you enter the village, you will see a platform for raise the national flag. Besides this platform, there is a simple stage (not sure whether this stage was used for lecturing when the troops were still there?) The whole environment is in a good management. There are trees around houses. Even though the houses are old and shabby, the aroma is so vigorous.

The size of the retired house is not big, just like all other camps. There are grocery stores, ZhongShan Room (it plays the role of the activity center for all the residents), barber shop, public restroom, public bathing house, public laundry room¡Ketc. When we saw all these facilities, Jing Geng's father said ¡§this is exactly how the camp looked like when I was in the army!¡¨

This is the village we had interviews with Grandpa Lee, Chih-Shin and Grandma Lee. Their house is about 2 meters wide and 5 meters long. It includes a bed, a closet, a dinning table, a refrigerator, a TV, a small kitchen and several chairs. The washing machine has to be placed outside of the house. For them, they get used to this small room because they live in this room for more than forty years.

public restroom barber shop grocery stores public laundry room