A grain of wheat falls into the fertile soil, hiding for a while, breaks out and grows up, and produces even more wheat at the end.

Six decades ago, among close to million immigrants from China to Taiwan , most of them are like the grain of wheat, taking root on this fertile land and generate the second and third generations¡K

We interviewed their second generation in different fields, including the alderman, professor, government employee, owner of snack food shop, clergyman, soldier, etc. They told us that there is a high proportion of their second generation working for the military, government, and school. The reason is that their father generation does not have houses or lands, and no money to do business. Therefore, they are encouraged to be a government or school employees or serve in the military.

In fact, after interviewing the second generation in different fields, we have the same feeling¡Xthey were born in Taiwan having the next generation, and their lifestyles, habits, concepts, and affections have already combined with this land.

Soldier Lu, Chih-De Clergyman Lei, Chien-Yu alderman Li Geng
Goverment Employee Wu, Huey-Li Food Vender Owner Chao, Ru-Fen  Professor Ruei, Syg-Peg