Grandpa Lee, Chih-Shin Grandpa Chang,Ping

Six decades is a long period of time; it occupies a large part of ones life.

Six decades is really long! Among all the grandfathers that we have interviewed, the eldest is more than eighty years old. Seventy years old is considered young among them. However, six decades ago, they were all young guysˇXwith strong body and endless energy. They were just about to start their career at the most elite stage, but unexpectedly, a war, changed their lives.

The grandfathers that we chatted with are all with grey hairs; sixty-year has left something on their faces. Recalled their past experiencesˇXsome with tears, and some with pride of glories.

Each person has different viewpoints toward the veterans due to individual background and experience. But, undeniably, they spent their lives on this land and shed their blood for it as well. ˇ§Veterans are not dead; they're just fading away.ˇ¨ Let us share their stories with respect.
Grandpa Chen, Ming-Shuen Grandpa Huang, Tzu-Ching