Ms. Lin, Yun-Shian Ms. Hsiao, Lu Ms. Shih, Yun-ying

A successful man is always supported by a mighty woman.

In view of the common customs, most of the veteran grandfathers that we interviewed with is not considered successful men. They are still the weaker minority in the society. But we realized each of them has an important support¡Xtheir wives.

In one interview case, the wife was separated from her husband and went through great difficulty to raise their children on her own. During these forty-five years, both of them have never married other people and reunited after all those years. In the other case, a Taiwan-born wife married a China-born husband. They take care of each other with thoughtfulness and compromises. Also, some wives left their family in China and married Taiwanese husband after the deregulation of cross-strait visiting. They also gave up their career or businesses over there for their husbands.

In our eyes, they are all mighty women.

Ms. Yang, Bau-Jen Ms. Hsiao, Lu Ms. Lee, Shi-Mei