ZhongTuo Community ZhongTuo Community ZhongTuo Community ZhongTuo Community
  Original Village Name ¡G Si-Si W. Village
Current Community Name ¡G ZhongTuo Community
Location ¡GAlly 421, GuangFu S. Road , XinYi District, Taipei City

After SiSi S. Village , there were more troops retrieved to Taiwan . They got married and had their own families. SiSi S. Village could not take more residents. Then, the Government built SiSi E. Village and SiSi W. Village . The majority residents in West Village work in the military, as lieutenants, or as field grade officers of the army. In general, the majority of residents in this village work in a higher level in the military. Every house has a garden and a backyard. The resident environment here is much better and their descendants usually had better education. Their descendants usually went to the best schools in Taipei . It was also typical for guys in the village studied in a military academy.

After SiSi armory moved away, SiSi W Village was rebuilt and called as ¡§ZhongTuo Public Housing¡¨, which was completed on 1983. It consisted of thirty-five buildings. It was a quiet and rural eastside district in Taipei . It also started a new era for the building trade. In the same district, the buildings were continuously built, such as, the world trade center, the international convention center, Warners Bros Cinamax, the department store of Shin Kong, Mitsukoshi, Taipei City Hall , the City Assembly Hall and Building 101, the tallest building in the world at this moment. This district becomes the most bustling and flourishing area. It also becomes the most expensive are. This district is the center of Taipei metropolis.

ZhongTuo Community ZhongTuo Community ZhongTuo Community ZhongTuo Community