JunGong Community JunGong Community JunGong Community JunGong Community


Original Village Name ¡GJunGong Village No 1 ¡BNo 2
Current Community Name ¡G JunGong Community
Location ¡G Ally 35, JunGong Road , WenSan District, Taipei City

This community is close to the intersection of the second high way. JunGong Village No 1 was built on 1981 and completed on 1982 and 1985. There are one hundred and sixty families in total. Since the houses are more than twenty years old, the community looks old and disorderly. JunGong Village No 1 is located aside a mountain and there is BoJia Park right next to it.

JunGong Village No 2 is the product of the co-work between Taipei City Government and the Department of Defense based on the rules of ¡§Rebuilding Old Military Dependents' Villages Policy¡¨. It was completed on 2004 and there are eighty four families in the community. The general layout is perfect compared with JunGong Village No 1 and the environment is much more vigorous and the space here is huge. Besides, the traffic network is great. MuZha Subway Station provides a much convenient traffic way. This is definitely a great place and gave us a good and deep impression.

JunGong Community Entrance of Jiun-Gung community Entrance of Jiun-Gung community BoJia Park