Uncle Peng, Cheng-Shiung Uncle Peng, Cheng-Shiung


Peng, Cheng-Shiung

Occupation :

Team Leader of the 7 th Division of Service Team, the Service Center for Honor Soldiers, Taipei City .
“Thinking of honor soldiers all the time, sacrifice yourself in order to server”

“Thinking of honor soldiers all the time, they are everywhere”

“A small thing of honor soldiers is meant to be a big deal for us”
“Where the honor soldiers are, we will go there and serve”

The service center for honor soldiers is belonged to the community of veterans in Executive Yuan. Uncle Peng serves in this unit for several years already. In his daily routine, contacting honor soldiers is the only interaction. Everything he needs to take care of is about honor soldiers.

“Uncle Peng, could you please introduce us the purposes of the service center for honor soldiers?” Andy starts the conversation with a question.

“You can tell the purposes of this service center from the name. The main function would be taking care of honor soldier. To be clear, it is established for taking care everything about honor soldiers, including the death, the disease and the living issues. Those are key points in my daily job.” Uncle Peng answered.

Uncle Peng showed us the manual for honor soldiers and their dependents. The first thing we saw in the manual is the spirit of this service center, “thinking of honor soldiers all the time, sacrifice yourself in order to serve”, “thinking of honor soldiers all the timer, they are everywhere”, “a small thing for honor soldiers is a big deal for us”, and “where honor soldiers are, we go there and serve”.

Uncle Peng simply introduces and explains items the service center offers, and it includes fourteen general items: (to know more details, please click on the icon bellowed)


“Uncle Peng, is there any special quality in this job?” Jessie asked.

“The biggest difference compared with a regular job is we have no office hours. We even work in holidays. Just before I came here, I attended a wedding of an honor soldier's dependent. (Note: the day we had this interview was on Sunday) Also, several days ago, I was helping on a funeral of an honor soldier. The relationship between honor soldiers and us is just like friendship.” Uncle Peng continued the conversation and said, “Besides, most of honor soldiers are old, I treat them like my own elders so it requires lots of patient and love.”

“Since you work for serving honor soldiers, do you have any thoughts for this job?” Jim asked.

“Honor soldiers are the minority group in our society. All their prime lives were sacrificed for this country. When they got old, they are poor and not in a good health. It is common for them not getting married. The government should take care of their old age. However, in this society, some people still believe honor soldiers have some privileges and the impression is not right. This is caused by the wrong information they received and misunderstandings of honor soldiers. I believe if they know the fact and how honor soldiers go on with their lives, they will not have the same thinking.” Uncle Peng described in worries.

Uncle Peng was right. We had interviews honor soldiers. Most of them are in a poor state in their old ages. There is a said, “Old soldiers will not pass away, they fall and scatter.” We really hope the government should face this problem seriously and help them and let them enjoy the rest of their lives in comfort.

Source: Service Handbook of Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan