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Research Motives
      In June 2019, we found a nest of spotted-necked turtledove on campus. Led by our teacher, we recorded the feeding process of the female bird, and gained a preliminary understanding of wild bird ecology. In fact, on the campus of Changan Elementary School, there were Taiwan barbets nesting a few years ago, and also black-crowned buzzards breeding here. The existence of birds is valuable, they eat pests, but humans have been destroying the homes of birds and harming their lives. There are some exotic birds migrating to Taiwan, thus brought dangers to the ecology of native bird species. There are certain rules for natural ecology. If this natural balance is disrupted, the natural environment will be changed.
Filmed by  Bird Conservator

      This year, we chose birds as the theme of our Cyberfair project. We want to learn about various kinds of birds, understand the ecology of birds, pay attention to the habitats of birds and understand the importance of environmental protection. As environment pollution is increasing due to man-made causes, it is difficult for birds to survive today, and it will be impossible for humans to survive tomorrow. It is the best way to care for the environment to promote the ecological conservation of birds and no longer destroy their homes.