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Hair Donation

Since 2010, our school has been holding 8 sessions of hair donation. There were at least 56 people donating their hair to help cancer patients. We designed the questionnaire for students to know their willing to support hair donation.


About the questionnaire

  • Date
    Feb. 10, 2012
  • Location / Venue
  • Subject
    205 students (including 19 of Grade 1 and 2, 108 of Grade 3 and 4, 78 of Grade 5 and 6)
  • Implementation modalities
    1. The Ping-He Doves were divided into groups and practiced.
    2. The Ping-He Doves randomly sampled for the questionnaire in the school.
    3. The sampled students filled out the questionnaires.
    4. The Ping-He Doves gave cookies to the sampled students for reward.
  • Statistics
    The Ping-He Doves
  • Analysis
    The Ping-He Doves

The Ping-He Doves pre-interviewed before conducting the questionnaire.


Questionnaire on hair donation

Basic information on subjectGender

There are 82 boys and 123 girls filling out the questionnaires.

Basic information on subjectGrade

Most of the samples were of Grade 3 to 6. Some students of Grade 1 and 2 refused the questionnaire. The reason might be they are much younger and afraid of strangers.

Q1Do you know the hair donation in the school?

There were 108 samples knew the hair donation. Our promotion of hair donation was successed.

Q2Do you know any school teacher, student or parent donating their hair?

Most of the samples knew the donation of teachers and students. The donation of Director Wu got a lot of attention.

Q3Which is the purpose of hair donation?

There were 200 samples knowing the purpose of hair donation. It helps cancer patients to go through the period of hair loss.

Q4Which is the unit they donate their hair to?

Surprisingly, 193 samples chose the correct answer-Our Home Client Service Center. They said that they knew the answer from Ms. Wu's promotion.

Q5Will you donate you hair or encourage others to donate theirs to ?

Most of the samples agreed it. But some samples disagreed. They were afraid of ugly looking.


We got a special mission. I had to find some students to fill out the questionnaire about hair donation, and then gave them cookies as rewards. I was nervous originally. Luckily, they were friendly so that I could complete it successfully.

We were assigned to make a hair donation questionnaire in the school. We gave cookies as rewards to whom filled out the questionnaire. I was tense until I got all of the questionnaires done.

It’s my first time to make questionnaire and conduct it. I was worried about it. When I started, I found it was not so frightful. They were very cooperative. I was grateful to have their help to finish this job.

Today, I went to the dance class to conduct the questionnaires. Most students of the dance class were girls. By this experience, I learned how to be with the girl. What made me feel confident was each of them with great interest filling out the questionnaire. Their positive attitude made my heart full of joy.

I asked the students for filling out the queationnaires. They were rushing to line up to answer the questions and I almost fell. When I asked the students of Grade 2, they answered seriously. I asked 11 people. They all knew the hair donation. School promotion was very successful, and my task successfully reached.

Illustrations From The Ping-He Doves