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School of Wisdom

School of Wisdom is a part of the Foundation.  It offers five-star service with love.  It's a place to help the elders who are mild dementia.

By chatting with each other, playing games, singing and creating, the Foundation tries to keep elders' memory and brains running to avoid degeneracy.  So, there are 4 therapies for them to choose: Reminiscence, Cognitive, Music, and Art. Let's follow The Ping-He Doves and the Foundation CEO, Ms. Chan Li-Ju, to know School of Wisdom better.


What’s More

School of Wisdom is a school set for elders with mild dementia.  There are Reminiscence therapy, Cognitive therapy, Music therapy, and Art therapy. One semester includes 10 weeks, and each week contains one class for a therapy.  The therapies offer chances for dementia elders to improve their interpersonal relationship.  They also help to maintain their current abilities to delay degeneracy.

The Faculties of School of Wisdom

Wang Chuan-Ru, Kung Chueh-Ying, Chan Li-Ju and & Chen Ya-Min

School of Wisdom is in the Chunghua Road Campus of Changhua Christian Hospital.

There are lots of traditional devices displayed in the school.

This is the classroom.

There are lots of  teaching materials.

Ms. Chan offered us a tour of School of Wisdom.

We asked questions to Ms. Chan. Through her answers, we knew more about School of Wisdom.

Each therapy of the school is for ten students only.

Besides the students, there are 4 lecturers during class (including Ms. Chan).

Only elders with mild dementia can be students here.

The school took the students for field trips.
Photo from A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation


Ms. Chan gave each of us "A Skin-Graft With Love" comic books as a gift.


We gave bookmarks made by ourselves to Ms. Chan for her guide.

The therapies of School of Wisdom

To protect the students’ privacy, we can not join in the class with them. Through the photos and Ms. Chan’s narrations, we know how the therapy works.  Now, let’s follow the steps of The Ping-He Doves to know the therapies.


Reminiscence therapy Students were recalling how to make rice dumplings.


Cognitive therapy
Students were having a brainstorming.


Music therapy
Students made their own instruments.


Art therapy
Students made lanterns by recycled cartons.

For more information about School of Wisdom

Tel: 886-4-7238-595 ext. 3251

Address: No. 176, Zhunghua Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County, Taiwan


Ms. Chan gave us a tour of School of Wisdom.  The Foundation has spent much time and human resources on the therapies.  But it is worth, because it is successful in delaying dementia.

We had a visit to School of Wisdom. The volunteers decorated the classroom old-day-like to recall the elders’ memory.  We knew the purpose of setting School of Wisdom, difference therapies, and learning effects.  I strongly feel enthusiasm of Ms. Chan and the volunteers’ to the elders.

School of Wisdom was formed by A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation to help dementia elders.  I was impressed by the creative items which made by the dementia elders and displayed in the classroom.

Among the therapies, I was interested in Music therapy.  The students made their own musical instruments by using different materials.  When the works were completed, they sang and danced happily with their instruments.  They were very happy.

School of Wisdom is not only a school providing therapy to reduce brain degeneracy, but also the support of dementia's family.  A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation devoted their manpower, financial strength and material resources to take care of the elders.  From visiting School of Wisdom, we see the great friendliness of society.

Photos & Text From The Ping-He Doves