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Dementia Prevention

Ms. Chan Li-Ju, CEO of A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation, gave a good lecture on "The Guardian Angel Project For Dementia Patient" on Feb. 10, 2011. After the lecture, we designed the questionnaire for students to know what they learn.


About the questionnaire

  • Date
    Feb. 10~13, 2012
  • Location / Venue
    The classrooms
  • Subject
    99 students (including 31 of Grade 4 and 68 of Grade 6 who attended the lecture)
  • Implementation modalities
    1. The Ping-He Doves designed the questionnaire.
    2. The class teachers gave the questionnaires to the students.
    3. The students filled out the questionnaires after the lecture.
  • Statistics
    The Ping-He Doves
  • Analysis
    The Ping-He Doves

Questionnaire on "The Guardian Angel Project For Dementia Patient" lecture

Basic information on subjectGender

There are 53 boys and 46 girls filling out the questionnaires.

Basic information on subjectGrade

There are 30 subjects of Grade 3 and 4; 69 subjects of Grade 5 and 6.

Q1Does this lecture make you understand what dementia is?

Ms. Chan was humorous in the lecture.  She gave the lecture by using slides and situation comedy.  It cuased a good learning effect on the students’ understanding.

Q2Does this lecture help you to communicate with dementia patients?

The lecture gave an introduction of dementia features.  Most of the students learned how to communicate with dementia patients.  We should treated them with patience and respect.  We had to help them maintain the ability to live.

Q3Does this lecture make you want to help people with dementia and their family?

Originally the students thought that dementia patients has nothing to do with them.  After the lecture. Most of the students are willing to help persons with dementia.

Students’ Reflections

Translation of the Students’ Reflections

Thank CEO of A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation for giving a lecture on dementia elders in our school.  Because of the lecture, we know how to take care of the elders.  Thank the CEO again! Thank you!

After the lecture, I know symptoms of dementia.  I also appreciate that the teachers let us attend this lecture.  It's our honor to do it.

This lecture made me learn a lot.  It also made me know how to treat dementia persons.  If I have chances, I will share the knowledge to others.

This lecture made me learn a lot of dementia and know how to take care of dementia persons.

I am glad to attend the lecture.  I feel very happy to get the useful knowledge.  I will help dementia elders.

Because of this lecture, I know dementia better.  I learn how to take care of persons suffering from Dementia and how to protect ourselves from it.

After this lecture, I learn the knowledge of dementia.  Also, I am able to be concerned with dementia persons and their families.

Many thanks for the Foundation to let us know a lot of knowledge of dementia.  I learn how to help dementia persons.

I want to thank Ms. Chan for teaching me some information about dementia.

Illustrations From The Ping-He Doves