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Create a page on Facebook

Except hair donation promotion and situation comedy in the school, we, The Ping-He Doves, decided to create a page on Facebook. We want more people to know hair donation of A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation and gather more donated hair. We hope everyone can take part in the activity.

Our Facebook Page address



The steps of creating a page on Facebook

Our teacher log in to Facebook and click on "Create a Page".

Click on the box that says "Cause or Community".

Enter the name that we want our page to have and then click on "Get Started".

Key in information and follow the indications.

Then wrote the basic information about the page, we introduced "Our Home Client Service Center". Let people all over the world know the activity of hair donation.

This is our page.

We design posters to attract more attention. The slogan is "Short hair for strong love" to show that the hair is cut to short for donation, but the love is strong and permanent.

After uploading images and keying in information, a whole community page is shown.

Next, we upload photos of the hair donation.

We upload the steps of applying for wig.

We also use "Ask Question" to see how many people know the activities of hair donation.

Page source:http://www.facebook.com/
Illustrations From The Ping-He Doves