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The Love Kitchen

The Foundation concerns elders very much.  Meal delivery to elders is one of the most important services.  The Foundation has been using the sources in Changhua Christian Hospital and cooperating with Changhua City in 2001, Changhua County in 2003.

They offer lunch services for elders who are low-incomed and live alone.  The volunteers deliver the meal everyday during the whole year.  They insist on delivering the delicious and nutritious lunches to the elders.  Their greatest rewards come from the elders’ smile when they enjoy their fresh lunches.


What's More

A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation keeps the principle of "Love your neighbor as yourself". The Foundation offers different and appropriate meal for each client, such as vegetarians. It is really a five-star service with the best love.


Application Process of "Lunch Service for the Disable Elders and Persons with Disabilities"

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Qualifications for accepting meal delivery

Not everyone can apply for meal. Only you meeting the following requests will be helped by the Foundation.

  1. You must be a resident in Changhua, below age of 65, with low income and with disabilities. Then you could be considered as a client to apply for meal delivery.
  2. There is another exception. After evaluating by the Foundation, you could be qualified for meal delivery.


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