A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation has been carrying out ministries of concerning elders, including the elders with dementia.  There are more and more aged people having dementia in Taiwan, but our community is in lack of care system for elders with dementia.

The Foundation hopes elders are blessed rather than burdensome. They cooperated with other professional units to develop "The Guardian Angel Project For Dementia Patient" to train 30,000 guardian angels in the community.  We, the Ping-He Doves, are very lucky to be the 1st batch of guardian angels in the elementary school.

We invited Ms. Chan, CEO of the Foundation, to give our school a public lecture.  After the lecture, we will be the guardian angels of elders with dementia.



Dementia Guardian Angel Education

  • Time & Date
    13:30~15:00, Feb. 10, 2011
  • Location / Venue
    Conference Room 2, Ping He Elementary School
  • Lecturer
    Chan Li-Ju, A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation CEO
  • Attendance
    Students of Grade 4 Class 8, Grade 6 Class 3, Grade 6 Class 8, & The Ping-He Doves.

The lecturer


Chan Li-Ju

  • Present Job
    CEO, A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation
    Lecturer, School of Wisdom
    Curator, Changhua Christian Hospital Development Museum
  • Educational Background
    Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, NCUE
    Executive Master of Business Administration , Providence University
    Bachelor of Nursing, China Medical University

Photos From The Ping-He Doves

About Chan Li-Ju, CEO of the Foundation


Ms. Chan is a lecturer of School of Wisdom.

Where there is a need, the CEO takes action.

Ms. Chan loves her job so much and finds a sense of fulfillment by serving people in need. Though the working time is long, she is engaged in the job with her family’s support.


Ms. Chan's stresses the principle of offering "five-star services of the best love". Her strictness makes an excellent team. 

The CEO offers five-Star services with the best love.

Ms. Chan does her best to provide the perfect services and askes that the colleagues to do the same. Even though, she worries that her colleagues feel pressure from her. She never stops providing five-star services.


Ms. Chan is glad that day care center for dementia elders is about to set up.

The CEO wants to set up day care center for elders with dementia.

Ms. Chan works hard to set up a day care center for elders with dementia. This center will take care of dementia elders in the daytime. Let the families with dementia elders can go to work without worrying.

Photos From A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation
Text From The Ping-He Doves


What is dementia?

There are several different forms of dementia, and it usually happens to the elderly. People with dementia could forget what they say and do. They hardly recognize everything, even though their family if growing worse!

Illustrations From The Ping-He Doves