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Situation Comedy

In order to advocate and attract more attention to hair donation, we made a situation comedy "Short hair for strong love" which was directed and performed by The Ping-He Doves. The story is about a boy got cancer.  We made the comedy in the funny way.  After completing editing the video, we played it in the school, and uploaded it to the pages on Facebook.  We also made it a disc and gave it to A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation as a promotional short.

Ba-Jin said "The meaning of life is to pay, is to give."  We see selflessness and dedication from each volunteer of the Foundation.  We hope everyone would do whatever they can do to make the community full of warmth.


"Short hair for strong love"

Directed by teachers
Written by the Ping-He Doves
Edited by the Ping-He Doves & tacchers

The cast of characters

kuan-fu Kuan-Fu / Tofu, the cancer patient
kuan-fu Tung-Wei / doctor
kuan-fuYu-Sheng / narrator
pei-ji Pei-Ji / friend 1
pei-ji Ching / friend 2
pei-ji Jia-Wei / registered nurse & friend 3
pei-ji Chun-Yin / hair donator 1
pei-ji Chia-Hui / hair donator 2
pei-ji Chia-Yu / hair donator 3


"Short hair for strong love " video resourse

Acts of situation comedy

[Act 1 ] A bone-cancer boy appears.

Narrator There is a cute little boy. His name is Tofu…

Narrator He is uncomfortable and comes to a physical examination.

Narrator Today the doctor is going to tell him the results of the examination. Out of his expectation, the result turns to be...

[Act 2 ] Tofu starts chemotherapy.

Narrator As time goes by, Tofu is under chemotherapy, and his hair begins to fall. Tofu is afraid of going out...

[Act3 ] Friends visit Tofu.

Narrator At this moment, some friends come to visit Tofu...
Friends How are you, Tofu?

Tofu My hair is getting less and less during chemotherapy. How can I do?
Friends Don't worry. I know a place offering wigs for free. We can go with you.

[Act 4 ] Commercial time

(A registered nurse appears.)
Registered nurse Hello, everyone. I am a registered nurse of A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation. Our Home Client Service Center specially serves cancer patients. We can provide whatever cancer patients need, such as wigs.

Registered nurse Welcome to join us as hair donation angels!

Registered nurse
Type 1: Used wigs can be donated.
Type 2: Your hair can be donated if it is neat and at least 12 inches.
Type 3: You can donate contribute with finacial donation. It is NT$6000 for the fee of making a new wig.

[Act 5 ] Donators go to Our Home Client Service Center.

Narrator Now, there are 3 people coming to Our Home Client Service Center for hair donation.
Donator 1 I come to donate my hair.
Donator 2 Me too. Me too.
Donator 3 I must have my hair donated. I even bring the scissors.
(A registered nurse comes to recive them.)
Donators Me! Me! Me!

Narrator The registered nurse takes a tape.
Registered nurse I am registered nurse. Come here, please.
(The registered nurse measures the first donator's hair and says.)
Registered nurse You failed.
Donator 1 Why?
Registered nurse It's a pity. Your hair is only 8 inches. It's not enough. You must grow it to 12 inches.

(The registered nurse measures the second donator's hair and says.)

Registered nurse You failed, too!

Donator 2 Wh...why?

Registered nurse It's a pity. Your hair cannot be donated. A donated hair must be off perm or curl.

Donator 3 How about me?
Registered nurse Hmm...Congratulations! Your hair totally meets with the standard of donation. Your hair is 12 inches and not permed or curly. It's perfect!

(The third donator donates her hair successfully.)

[Act 6 ] Tofu goes to Our Home Client Service Center to apply for a wig.

Narrator Tofu's friends take him to the office on the third floor.
Friend 1 Tofu, this is Our Home Client Service Center.
Friend 2 Here we are.
Registered nurse What can I do for you?

Tofu Excuse me. I want to apply for a wig. Would you please tell me how to do? Should I pay for it? Is it Complicated? Will it take a long time?
Registered nurse No. Not at all. Just fill out the application form and show me your national health insurance card. The wig production takes only one month.

(Tofu can not wait to fill out the form.)

[Act 7] We thank Our Home Client Service Center for their services.

Narrator This day, Tofu walks down the street and runs into his friends.
They found he has beautiful hair just like before.
Friend 1 Hi, Tofu. Long time no see.
Tofu Look at my hair.
Friends Is this the new wig?
Tofu Yeah! It makes me full of self-confidence.

(All gather)

All Thanks for Our Home Client Service Center so much.

Photos & Text From The Ping-He Doves