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Interview Volunteer : Ms. Lan


Cancer Prevention Action Planner: Lan Li-Jhao

10 years ago, Ms. Lan got cancer and received the help of Our Home Client Service Center.  Nowadays, she is a volunteer of Our Home Client Service to assist other cancer patients to go through the pain.

We, The Ping-He Doves, had an interview with Ms. Lan.  She is not only the volunteer and lecturer of Our Home Client Service Center, but also a cancer patient.  After understanding her background, we are all curious about her cancer-fighting experiences.


How did you know that you got cancer?

I just touched my breast and suddenly found a lump inside it.  I felt nothing but my friend firmly suggested me to go to hospital for examination.  Then the doctor told me that I had a cancer.  In the moment, it was hard for me to believe and accept it.

How did you deal with the cancer in that time?


It was a hard time for me.  But with the support and concern of friends and family, I was able to overcome the disease.

How did You become a volunteer from a cancer patient?

After knowing that I had a cancer, I started chemotherapy and realized the importance of company to patients.  So I decided to be a volunteer in Our Home Client Service Center to concern.  I hope to help them find ways to coexist with cancer peacefully.

What advice would you give us?


We shall release and take physical examinations regularly.  Besides, we should care about people around us, especially our family when they are sick.


After the interview, I find that it is not easy to be a volunteer.  A volunteer upholds a great spirit of serving, learns to share and dedicate.  When facing cancer patients, a volunteer is able to understand their needs and feelings.

Ms. Lan is very kind.  She patiently answered our questions.  This interview warms my heart.  I think it is all the grace of God!

What impresses me the most is that Ms. Lan is grateful to have friends.  Her friends’ encouragement makes her brave to face the disease.  So we must cherish our friends and friendships.

I admire the perseverance of Ms. Lan. In particular, when I know that she has been 10 years with the disease, I am so surprised.  Because she looks so healthy and energetic.

Ms. Lan is much like my own grandma.  They are all optimistic.  Although she got cancer, she never despaired herself.  Even more, she encourages other cancer patients.  I think she is a brave fighter!

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