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Our Home Client Service Center


Our Home Client Service Center is a place which offers services to persons with cancer.  It holds activities regularly in Changhua.  Through sharing experiences, it hopes cancer patients overcome illness.


We arrived Our Home Client Service Center.


We found the information of Cancer prevention in entrance.


There are various kinds of rehabilitation stuff in the showcases. It is all for cancer patients.


There are lots of books for cancer patients to read.


Breaking news

If you happen to be a cancer patient and need any rehabilitation.  You can be here and fill an application form.  The registered nurses in center will provide information and consultation for you!







This is a tracheostomy covers.


This is a made-to-order underwear for cancer patients.


This is a headcarf for cancer patients during chemotherapy.


A wig made by real hair only applied once for per cancer patient.

呆呆鴿 How to Contact Our Home Client Service Center?

Tel:886-4-7238595 ext. 4537 or 1052

Address: 3F, No. 175, Xuguan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County, Taiwan


I acted as a model to apply for wig and deeply understand the application process.  I could feel cancer patients’ pain.  Our Home Client Service Center is such a place of gathering powers to cancer patients.

We had field trip to Our Home Client Service Center.  It is decorated like a sweet home; the volunteers are like the patients’ family.  For me, they are angels from the heaven.  I am so touched that the patients break the grief.  Their persistence impressed me.

I saw many donated hair in Our Home Client Service Center.  There were lots of wigs for cancer patients and one wig was composed of three bunches of hair.  There were also cash donation, too.   People can choose different ways to donate.


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