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 Love and Protect the Earth, Creative Projects

We entered the Shinhu Elementary School's Environmental Protection, Creative Pictures Competition, and using this opportunity, everyone created a project with pictures and articles.

The articles are on environmental protection and greenhouse gases.

Figure: Henrry

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Oh my! I never knew I produced so much carbon dioxide on Earth. I did badly in the home appliances area! To get rid of the title of "Big Squid", we need to truly lessen our production of carbon dioxide. Even if it's a hot summer day we should avoid using the air conditioner and fans, and plant more flowers, grass, and trees. This will not only make our homes more pretty, it will also lower carbon dioxide emission. Transportation wise, we should take public transportation and walk more, as it is healthy and environmental. As long as everyone tries their best, we can lower our carbon dioxide production!



After a series of greenhouse gases calculations, I produced 68.58 kg of carbon dioxide. I'm an environmental hero, but I still need to actively convey information to my neighbors and friends on lowering the production of greenhouse gases, helping to clean up dirty places in our community, planting more green plants, and joining environmental groups reduction plans, activities and classes. If I can do all this, I'll be more than just a hero! I hope I can become more than just a hero! Go!


When I go to school, I will walk to lower the amount of exhaust, and I will check the lights when I leave. When I don't use appliances I will pull the plug, for example, computers, TVs, and fans. When I go downstairs, I won't take the elevator, when I go up, I'll take it only if I have to walk more than 3 flights of stairs. As long as I can do all this I won't be a huge squid. I know I can!


Lowering greenhouse gases is everyone's responsibility, including mine. Our family uses too much electricity, so if the sun is out, we won't use the humidifier and the drier anymore! Our house use to be as cold as the South Pole in summer, with the air conditioning as cold as possible, like a center for penguins! Freezing! Even if it's difficult, we still need to reduce emission, for Earth, we will!


Wow! I didn't know I was an environmental scout! I want to be even better, and improve myself. I can: lessen trash production, turn on the AC less, and turn off electricity when I leave home. I will follow the policy, since it's only a little bit of work. I hope everyone can do a little, and collectively, we can lower the amount of greenhouse gases, so that Earth doesn't have a fever anymore.


I didn't know that I had made so many mistakes, and instead of helping Earth, I was harming it! I shouldn't have. Conserving resources in everyday life is the way to contribute to Earth. I know now that I watch too much TV, but it was because TV is really interesting. I even got nearsighted because of it. Let's work together to protect Earth!


On my prescription, it says that I'm doing ok, but I need to keep on, and try to reduce more. I need to work harder on home appliances, because it took up 77%, or 64.87 kg in all. Our household's electricity usage was surprisingly high (though it's comparatively low), so we should try to lower it. First of all I need to learn to turn off the lights, and as long as I keep on, I can succeed.


When I saw that our family's carbon dioxide emission was high, I was shocked. I thought, "Is it possible?" So, we need to have a reduction plan. In the summer I'll remind my dad about the air conditioners filter, set the temperature to 26~26 degrees, and use environmentally protective appliances to lower carbon dioxide emission. I hope that the emission will lower. Let's work together, and do something for our planet.


To accomplish "Getting back a cool planet", our whole family is joining the effort. My sister is working the hardest to save electricity, by sacrificing her only pleasure during the weekends - video games. Dad uses the computer the most, and now he remembers to pull the plug afterwards, and turn off the switch. Mom was always good at saving electricity, but she often forgets to turn off the fan in the bathroom, wasting a lot of electricity, so now it's my job as a son to remind her! However, the thing that saves the most electricity in our home is the AC, we haven't used it for almost 2 years! We can't find the plug!!!

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