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Research Motive… Let's start "NOW"

The Earth has a fever,

Let's help save it!



Global warming has seriously worsened, and the climate is retaliating.

The world will be locked in ice the day after tomorrow, Where Will You Be?

In the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow", global warming caused by the greenhouse effect is about to cause a disaster the Earth has never seen before. When an iceberg the size of Rhode Island hits the Antarctic ice shelf, a chain reaction begins; hail strikes Tokyo, a huge hurricane hits Hawaii, snow falls in India, and Los Angeles is attacked by never seen before tornados. Catastrophes predicted by climatologists appear one by one; the northern and southern polar caps will melt and tons of fresh water will pour into the ocean. After a global sized super hurricane hits Earth, the planet will plunge into the Ice Age. [Figure: Star Boulevard ]

Last summer the heat was almost unbearable. In the news, abnormal weather was frequent, while natural disasters struck one after another. While the September 21st, 1999 Earthquake in Taiwan was still haunting our minds, the Asian Tsunami of December 26th, 2004 hit South Asia, and Hurricane Katrina struck the American South East on August 29th, 2004 causing horrible losses. It was horrifying that some of these movie-like disasters actually started happening one after another in the real world. Teachers told us that they occurred because the green house effect had seriously worsened. We all felt the seriousness of this problem, so besides wanting to know more about it ourselves, we would like more people to realize and face this problem too!

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