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I think I'm still going to need a lot of time to complete the missions in "Prescription for a cool Earth", because everything inside has some difficulty. People say that it's easy to change landscape, but hard to change habits, and some bad habits are hard to change. But like Napoleon said, "Impossible is not in the language." Let's work together for a greener world!


When I pressed on "Prescription", I was praying, "Not big squid. Not big squid!" I must have touched god somehow, or I would've been one instead of, "doing pretty good!" The information says that I have room for improvement, but I believe that as long as I try, I can do it! I can become the person with the least carbon dioxide emission, let the world fight greenhouse gases together, and let a healthy Earth come again!


After I read the "Prescription", I knew where my problem was. I always forget to turn off the electricity after I use the computer. This wastes electricity, and I always take the elevator instead of the stairs, again, wasting electricity. I've decided now that whenever I leave home, I'll turn off all the unused lights and appliances.


I didn't know that greenhouse gases had such huge effects! We need to make the best use of everything, recycle, cut trash amounts, take public transportation, drive less, and last of all, appliances. The air conditioner should be set to around 26~28 degrees and used in combination with a fan and unused TVs should be unplugged. Let's all try our best and combine our strengths to change Taiwan from a squid to Formosa!


After entering the data, I discovered I was a squid. I need to improve in the trash area. I need to recycle, pack up leftovers, and bring my own shopping bags. This way we can cut down on plastic bags, lower mom's burden, and lower carbon dioxide emission. As long as we can do the above, the Earth can be cured, and we can live without burden.


Today I entered some data on household appliances, and discovered that I was a squid. I was surprised, but after reading the information, I realized that I was wrong, because I didn't turn off my computer, and my lights were on for too long. Saving energy is helping the Earth, and I believe that soon I will be able to turn into an environmental top student.


I plan to turn off the lights everyday after I finish my homework, lower my frequency of opening the refrigerator, and know how much space there is in the fridge before I buy things. I will also use more appliances that are environmental and save energy. The appliance we need to improve the most is our computer, because we keep it on almost everyday. I hope that everyone can work together to lower emission, and build a beautiful new world.


Today I looked up the amount of carbon dioxide our house released, and discovered it was 127.95 kg, most of it in home appliances. We need a plan to lower the amount, and it will include turning off unused appliances, taking the stairs more, lowering gas wasting, and planting more trees to make the Earth a greener place. With these, we can stop the earth from being sick.


Wendy :
Wow, after I entered the data, they said that I was a little environmental hero! After seeing everybody's efforts, I have some plans to lower emission. First, trash classification. Second, Using appliances that are environmental. Third, not buying things with lots of wrapping. These are the reduction plans that I have chosen. Let's hope that my plans will work!

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