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Greenhouse Effect News Reports

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According to our data search, we've discovered many articles on the greenhouse effect. Some serious disasters have caused bad effects on man, but, many may still not know. Here we have put some of the more important clippings, and if you wish to know more, the links are below, and connect to much more information.

We've divided the pages by year, and after discussion between the team members, decided the articles. We hope more people can understand what is happening because of the greenhouse effect and climate changes.

2007/2/4 Scientists photo a shocking scene: two polar bears trapped on floating ice

Newspaper Excerpt

English media reports that scientist have photographed a shocking site in the north pole; two polar bears carefully floating on floating ice, and stuck there. This has become a symbol of the tragedy of global warming.

    According to English newspaper Daily Post, though polar bears can swim up to 10 kilometers in water to safely reach land, with the melting of polar ice, they have to swim farther and farther to reach land now.

Canada's Wildlife Bureau Dr. Ian Sterling says,"For polar bears, swimming 100 miles isn't a big deal, especially polar bears with more body fat. However, because of warmer climates, ice is farther away from land now, and will cost more energy to reach, making them vulnerable to attack." Not long ago, four polar bears were found drowned on the Alaskan shores.


2007/1/27The first in Taiwan, Kaoshiung City clean diesel buses hit the road

Newspaper Excerpt

To encourage the use of regenerated energy and to ensure the sustainable development of Earth's environment, the Kaoshiung City government was first in Taiwan to use clean"Green Fuel"- B2 bioengineered diesel with 2% produced from energy crops, on the 428 buses within the city. They also held the"Green New Energy, Making a Clean New Home-Bioengineered Diesel Buses Hit The Road in Kaoshiung" opening ceremony on Jan 27th at the Kaoshinung City Music Hall Outdoor Plaza, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Kaoshiung City government.

2007/1/26 Global warming, will humans be cooked to death like frogs?

Newspaper Excerpt

    Everyone's heard the"Frog Effect " story: If you put a from in a pot of boiling water, it will jump out and escape right away; but if you put it in a pot of cold water and slowly boil the water, it will stay inside until it is finally cooked. Well, in the face of new evidence of global warming, will humans face the same destiny?

    Experts point out that it has become a difficult mission fighting global warming. It's like the from in the water, humans can not really see the threat.

    According to reports, the report about to be published by the UN has been started by 2500 scientists. It states that in the past 50 years global temperatures have risen, and 90% of this is because of human activity, mainly the burning of fossil fuels. Resource:

2007/1/20 Newest assessment: temperature at the end of this century may rise 6.3C

Newspaper Excerpt

The UNFCCC research team has a newly estimated report that shows that if humans don't start noticing environmental protection, the greenhouse effect will intensify and the global surface temperature will rise. By the end of this century, the estimated average temperature may rise 6.3 degrees. Xinhua News quotes Japanese Daily Times report on the 19th, this report says that if humans start caring about environmental protection and change the high consuming lifestyles that rely on fossil fuels, then the temperature change may be controlled within 1 degrees.Resource:

2007/1/11 Global warming intensifies, will completely change European society

Newspaper Excerpt

Newspaper Excerpt- 86,000 die of heat

    According to the EN council, a report announced on the 10th predicts that if the trend of global warming cannot be stopped, Europe- the richest continent and model of modern society, will unavoidably become a victim to climate changes.

    UN scientists report: In southern Europe 86 thousands people dies of heat every year; the south Mediterranean is too hot, and people will move to north Europe for vacation.


2007/1/8 China's climate warming increases, food safety is concerning

Newspaper Excerpt

At the end of 2006, the Science and Technology Department, Weather Bureau, and Science Academy of China announced the"Report on Climate Changing Countries", which took 4 years to make. It reports that the Chinese government has raised it's alertness on climate changes and especially global warming.

The report predicts that in the next hundred years, warming climates will be the mainstream of China's climate changes. The speeding up of warming climates may cause the frequencies of extreme weather to increase. China, as a country easily influenced by climate changes has to scientifically make and carry out the national plans on responding to climate changes, and is currently the most important question to Chinese meteorologists.


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