A Look to the Future


  Recreate the Legend of Houli


    The global economic structure today has entered the age of technology innovation, cultural creativity, and service experience. The change in the economic structure has impacted the development of various industries in Taiwan. In order to stay in business, one must be able to keep up with the changing tide and continually upgrade the industry.  
    In saxophone's global market, the French brand Selmer is considered to be of the highest quality, and the Japanese brand Yamaha produces the largest number. In order for Taiwan Houli's saxophone to make a name for itself, the saxophone makers need to have four major goals besides the basics: technology innovation, quality improvement, industry franchising, and image enhancement. One needs to improve on technology, lower the costs, improve the ergonomics, and make it user-friendlier, if one hopes to stay competitive.  
  In an effort to increase the competitiveness of the industry that represents the best of Taiwan, our government is proactively assisting the local industry to develop new technologies. Different business plans were proposed, using the aforementioned four major goals as the basis for execution. The Houli Musical Instrument Industry Project is one of the plans, which designates "Saxhome" as the common brand. It is hoped that this common platform will enable the industry to blossom, making this brand the symbol of excellent quality and reputation.
"Saxhom" is the common brand.
    In addition, the government will marry the industrial and economic events to the humanity-filled saxophone by means of various policies and major events, in an effort to bring saxophone into the mainstream. This not only will stimulate different interests, it would also open new doors to opportunities, enhance the reputation of Taiwan Houli's saxophone in the international marketplace.  
    Since Houli is the future location for science-related industries, the living conditions and cultural activities will be held to a higher standard. The trend for the future would be for the industry and the culture to combine, ending up in a culture-rich society. We believe that with the cooperation among the industry, the government, and the academics, using the government's policy as an assistance, the technical support of the academic world such as the Engineering R&D Yuan, and the acceptance of the industry, the sound of the saxophone would play more melodiously than ever, and the glory days of this beautiful industry will be here again.