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Liberty Times
Houli – Village of Saxophones
Sep 04, 2005
Liberty Times
French Cultural Resources Day, thousands in the crowd
Sep 04, 2005
Liberty Times
Taian Railroad Cultural Festival
Oct 24, 2005
Business Weekly
Houli's saxophones playing
"Faced with the Spring Breeze"
No. 933

Project of assisting musical instruments innovation and transforming development of Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs

Diapason Saxophone Quartet

Black Dog Philharmonic Saxophone Essemble

Howli International Information System

A Trip to Experience Houli

Cultural and Creative Industries

Art and Collection Net

Rigel Arts

Chang Lien-Cheng Saxophone Museum

Small Houli Site

PC Home News

Traveler's Journal

Bravery of Alexander

Li-Cheng Photography Collection

Milo's Saxophone

Sax Island

Wisdom literature room


Thanks for the people who helped us to assemble our web page

Minister of Economic Affairs Ms. Ho Mei-yuehDirector of Industrial

Development Bureau Mr. Chen Chao-yi

Director of Ministry of Economic Affairs Mid-Taiwan Office Mr. Li Chong-chin


During the press release conference of saxophone industry innovation, we learned about the assistance our government is giving the local industries. The goal is to continually research and develop new products, so they could always better themselves.

ITRI/MIRL Ms. Tsai Shiu-ru

She patiently answered all the questions we had, and she provided the data and pictures that we requested, so that we could complete our research project on time.

Houli saxophone industrialists

From the history to the explanation of musical instrument to playing instruction, the saxophone industrialists taught us everything they know, which enabled us to learn a great deal about saxophones.

Diapason Saxophone Quartet

They were very generous in supplying the music that they played in the National Music Concert Hall, called "The Gift and Praise of Love", to be used as our background music.

Rigel Arts

"Rigel Arts" is the only professional agency of Jazz music in Taiwan. Ms. Lin was very nice to supply the pictures and information about Jazz to us.

Local elders

They tirelessly introduced to us various points of interest and places to eat local-specific snacks. The information they provided for us is really invaluable, which is why they are the treasures of the town.