The Beginning of An Industry


@@@Sixty Years of Saxophone



@@After the World War II, Taiwan formally broke away from Japan's fifty years of reign of Taiwan. This is also the period during which the saxophone industry was taking root in Holi. At that time, the popular music in Taiwan was deeply influenced by the Japanese. Not only were the style and type of music similar to Japanese music, even the musical instruments, such as saxophone, trumpet, and violin, came from the western world via Japan.


@@In 1947, which is three years post-war, Dr. Chang Teng-hui had just graduated from the Tokyo Medical College and returned to Taiwan to work as a doctor. Dr. Chang had a special love for music. During his school days in Japan, he had learned to play violin. He then decided to form a jazz band with a saxophonist named Mr. Chang Ji-pan, a trumpeter named Chang Lien-cheng, and accordionists Mr. Yang Rong-ji and Mr. Chang Yan-shun.

  @@Since Mr. Chang Ji-pan was adept at writing and composing songs, as well as re-writing the lyrics of popular songs, the jazz band became famous very fast. Because the jazz band performed free of charge to its audience, they were invited to perform at many important occasions. The popularity and good reputation of this jazz band brought about a sudden interest for western music.  

@@After having played with saxophone in the jazz band, the trumpeter Mr. Chang Lien-cheng was intrigued by the saxophone, so he decided to investigate the art of saxophone making. Mr. Chang Lien-cheng's chance for a closer look at a saxophone came when Mr. Chang Ji-pan's only saxophone was destroyed by a house fire. Mr. Chang Lien-cheng took the burned saxophone apart to study its components, and from them he successfully reproduced the very first saxophone in Holi. That marked the beginning of the saxophone industry in Holi.


@@We are here to present Holi's saxophone industry during its first sixty years. We are going back in time to experience those important moments.



The golden memories of a saxophone

The golden memories of a saxophone