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@@Falling in Love with Houli, this Fascinating Musical Capital


@@Whoever said, a fascinating city must have an unforgettable river running through it? The beautiful town of Houli is not only situated between the Dajia Creek and the Daan Creek, it is embraced by the Chising Mountain and the Yuemei Mountain. It has a superior natural environment that has both the green of the mountain and the blue of the river. It is not hard to see why this town could nurture a unique mixture of humanity, art, and music.
Houli is a beautiful town.
Houli is a beautiful town.
  @@The legend of Taiwan's saxophone was born in Houli. An outsider who steps into the town of Houli will soon realize that the pulse of the town is beating to the rhythm of saxophone. It is a feeling that comes from deep within the soul. It is occasionally sluggish, slumping, desolate, light on the feet, and sarcastic. It is hard to tell what it is, but it is just there.  
  @@The music of saxophone is light on the feet, leisurely, and happy, with a sliver of romance, making the music very comfortable to listen to. The slow jazz music gives us a different kind of feeling altogether. Houli has the advantage of having a vast saxophone industry, which indirectly encourages people to learn to play saxophones. Coupled that with the recently formed "Houli Saxophone Music Association", saxophone has become the standard language of communication between the residents of Houli.  
  @@In the past, Houli was best known for its horse track, and it has the nation's only military horse track.. Now there is a Yamay Resort Mala Bay and the Chang Lien-cheng Saxophone Museum within this small town. It is foreseeable that tourism will become a major attraction of the town of Houli. In addition, there is a college town, sports arena, precision machinery industrial area, and flower nursery area being planned for the future, marrying the past and the future of Houli right in front of our eyes.