Origin of Project


@@Sixty Years of Hard Work, Famous All Over the World



@@The Houli Town in Taichung County is a place known for its concentration of brass instrument manufacturers. Because of its products' rich history, melodious sound, and top notch quality, it is not only a place that supplies most of the musical instruments domestically, but its products consistently earn the attention and praise of major musical instrument companies in the world during the musical instruments exhibitions in Germany and U.S. Houli thus supplies saxophones as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to other major companies worldwide.


@@Because of their longstanding role as the suppliers to other companies, they were not able to establish their own brand names. Even though Houli produces one third of the saxophones in the world, and therefore should qualify as a significant player in the global saxophone industry, it remains anonymous. Most people don't know that Houli has a unique industry that produces saxophones.

  @@In an effort to increase the global competitiveness of our industries, Taiwan's government is proactively planning on instituting many goal-oriented programs to help many unique industries, so that they may strengthen their foundations and marketing abilities. Houli's saxophone industry is one of them. The only way to make the local industry renew and blossom is by combining the strengths of the industry, the government, and the academia so they may collaborate together. It is hoped that the beautiful saxophones with the label Made In Taiwan could be playing on the world's main stage.  

@@Being an integral part of the region, we hope to use our miniscule power to participate in the meaningful job of introducing this distinctive local industry to the general public. We hope that more people could share their pride and joy, and feel the passion the people of Houli feel for the saxophones. Let the magical sound of saxophone be heard continually into the future without an end. This would be the greatest encouragement and feedback to this group of hard-working individuals in Houli.


@@@@@@@@@@Saxhome is the common brand of saxophone industry in Houli.

@@@@@Saxhome is the common brand of saxophone industry in Houli.