@@Looking Back Smiling



@@When we look back on the last few months of research, we realize that we are deeply addicted to this subject. We are in love with the many different faces of the saxophone. Whether it's spontaneous fun, dreamy romance, unbridled passion, joyful freedom, confident attitude, lonely solitude, or anger expression, it's all part of the saxophone's heart and soul.

  @@Houli has other great things to offer besides the saxophone industry. Its sea of flowers made us want to dive in. The fragrance of wines could make the passersby savor the wines without even drinking them. It's a special sight to see the dust being kicked up by the racing horses. There is also a great bicycle route that takes you through a tunnel and a bridge, as well as tons of greenery and scenery.  
  @@In addition, this down-to-earth old town is full of interesting places to visit, such as the hundred-year-old sugar refinery, the sixty-year-old horse track, western-style temples, and an earthquake memorial. These are places that have been through the test of time, and they remind us of the old days. Of course, there are also many modern facilities, such as a large recreational center, wineries, and flower nurseries. We marvel at Houli for being a small town that blends the old with the new, and the eastern with the western.  

@@This journey of learning and education enabled us to come back loaded with appreciation and gratitude. We appreciate our teachers for suggesting such a great topic, which allowed us to study saxophone in depth. We appreciate the parent volunteer for being there for us, so we have nothing to worry about except for completing the project. We appreciate the saxophone manufacturers and the pertinent government offices for lending great supports. They helped us grasp the history, humanity, and beauty of this musical instrument. Finally we want to say thank you to the entire project team for putting forth its best effort!



We are in love with Houli.@We are in love with Houli.@We are in love with Houli.

We are in love with Houli.