What is Algal Reef
Algal reef has the nature of plants, formed by red algae, green algae and calcareous algae by cementation, calcification, and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

The difficulty of algal reef’s conservation

(1)   The difficulty in conserving algal reefs

1. Isolation of the community location

Taoyuan Country, Baosheng community in Guanyin Township is located along the coast of west coast. It has been noticed a little, so that only residents and the related people know it. Except typing on the Net in“Dayuan, Guanyin, industial pollution”, you can know the algal reef’s existence. And it also proves the lack of algal reef’s information indirectly.

2 . The difficulty in obtaining information
Unless searching purposely, “algal reefs” is known by few people. According to a survey we did in the Dayuan International Senior High School second class. People who don’t hear the “algal reefs” accounted for 51 percent, but the others seem to think that it exists accounted for 49%. Only two people can roughly pointed out that the algal reefs is located in Taoyuan. However, the students living along the sea, no one knows its existence.

3. The shortage of community’s expense
Baosheng community, the Director-General Liao said: “The community also  hopes to make some beautiful ads and set up the website which close to young prople. But having no money to do them, we also hope that someone can help us to set up a free blog and others are like to it.”(2011.9.3)

4. Not having immediate economic value
Baosheng community, Liao, Director-General, said: “The Guanyin algal reefs are unlike Kenting coral reef has immediately the value of tourism immediately. Unable to create certain benefit, so the government ignored it. Because the environment is more long-term, so the government chose to develop industrial economy at first.” And he said negatively:“algal reefs doesn’t’t have economic value. If responded to the government, the government would not conserve it more positively.”(2011.8.27)

5. The collection of the variable power plants
Liao, Director-General, said: “After all, many cases are like this, and finally let the matter rest because the local residents almost went when the variable power plants collection. There are not many people to concern the things here. Unlike Ilan Harbor community has more awareness of environmental protection. Last time, when setting up power plants, some people take the lead to begin the protest against the setting of power plants.” (2011.9.3)

6. Being found too late.
Liao, Director-General, said: “piece of wetlands is preserved in the Harbor community, so this is hard to do here. It was found too late to know after have been destroyed. There was 5 kilometers long in the beginning, and now it is only 1.4 kilometers. They are destroyed almost 4 kilometers long. This is not only power plants, also includes Tuntex affacted the port.” (2011.9.3)