What is Algal Reef
Algal reef has the nature of plants, formed by red algae, green algae and calcareous algae by cementation, calcification, and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

Destruction & Conservation of Algal Reef
According to the Community Development Outline, the main goal of development is to promote community development and residents' welfare, to establish peace, harmony, and solidarity of the modern community. The community held many activities to promote community residents’ awareness, such as Mother's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Father's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and so on. In 2005,CPC buried pipeline to excavate Millennium algal reef, destructing the original 20 km natural breakwater. The windbreaks, beefwood and some coastal plants fell and withered. From then on, Community residents understood the serious problem of the shorten coastline and encountered the destruction of its surrounding ecological habitats.