What is Algal Reef
Algal reef has the nature of plants, formed by red algae, green algae and calcareous algae by cementation, calcification, and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

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Project Elements
1. What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?
Internet--Upload, integration, and query data ...
Camera--Take the photo of algal reefs
Phone--Contact with the Director-General
Questionnaire--Analysis of the views of the people on the Goddess of Mercy and algal reefs by the questionnaire
Site visits--In-depth understanding of the profiles of algal reefs
Library--Looking for relevant research reports

2. In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.
     We hope that we can let more people know the presence of algal reefs by the thematic research.
Algal reefs are very precious natural resources. Suffered from a lot of damage, large algal reefs in the past only remain a small part. In addition to finding the relevant information about algal reefs, we also went to the beach to find out what "algal reefs" is, as well as listened to the member from local community associations to introduce that for us.
We were unfamiliar to algal reefs. But we understood how precious it has been from this topic. So we hope that more people will able to recognize algal reefs. And to treat it gentle. That's why we translated the content into English. So that there will be more people in the world know what kind of ecological resources Taiwan have!
As a member of the earth, we should devote to conserving our environment and our country in order to achieve sustainable development. Most of this entire topic is not only make everyone "know" the algal reefs but urge everyone to fulfill the responsibility of caring for the environment, and don't destroy it anymore.

3. What has been the impact of your project on your community?
     Discovering that not many people deeply study on “algal reefs”, and only a small number of scholars have some studies on this topic, we chose algal reef as the theme to do our project .In this regard, I think we have the advantage. In addition, when we go field trip for research, we not only went to the beach ourselves to know the algal reef but also participated in beach cleaning activities held by Baosheng community to protect the beautiful sea. Nevertheless, we more clearly understood how serious the impact of industry on the ecological environment, and many plants and animals were killed. Regarding this, our project also proposed the conservation measures, which maybe could awaken people’s sense of crisis to conservation via the study and also hoped that conservationist could inspire from this study. We understood more about the characteristics of algal reefs by making the research project, and make the locals and strangers know Guanyin Township is not only famous for the lotuses but also the algal reef.
4. How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?
     In addition to collecting related information about the community from library and Internet, it is also very important to do the field trip and visit and interview with the residents, who can provide the history of the community and the information about algal reefs, which cannot be found on the Internet or books. Therefore, having a lot of people in this community to work on this project is really great!
5. Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises
     In the process of doing School Cyberfair project, we are pressed from time pressure, mainly because we do not properly follow our schedule plan, and therefore, we have learned that we must have plans in advance. We also know how to practice and should not delay things that should be done. We should "never put off till tomorrow what should be done today !"