What is Algal Reef
Algal reef has the nature of plants, formed by red algae, green algae and calcareous algae by cementation, calcification, and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

The survey with the questionnaires
The questionnaires released seventy sheets, countermanding fifty-seven sheets. The objects are Dayuan International Senior High School second class students. The survey shows the senior high school students who are sixteen years old find out land less. The classmates who don’t hear about algal reefs are more than half of them. And the classmates who seem to hear about it, only two people can say algal reefs is familiar with coral reefs, probably grows in Taoyuan. As for burying the China National Petroleum’s pipelines, only two classmates answered: Guanyin, Kaohsiung. The impression to the effect of promoting Lotus in Guanyin also shows that the information of environmental conservation is not much conveyed.



I don’t know/ I don’t hear about it

I seem to hear about it

Algal reefs


(coral reefs: Taoyuan
Guanyin: Taoyuan)

The China National Petroleum’s pipelines


(Dalun: Guanyin   
: Kaohsiung)