What is Algal Reef
Algal reef has the nature of plants, formed by red algae, green algae and calcareous algae by cementation, calcification, and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

The controversy of the Conservation Area

Algal reef destruction than CPC pipeline laying and Guanyin, Dayuan industrial district wastewater pollution, Director Liao said that the reason why Guanyin algal reef is less contaminated, because its location is far away from Taoyuan coastal two industrial district. Compared to conservationists and scholars called for the establishment of sanctuary, Director Liao said: "Basically, I oppose to set up the sanctuary because it's actually a place where we live in, if it is rounded , there are fishery acts, like catching the eels, it has a natural stone weir to go fishing, it used to have these lives inside. Now, you draw it up and forbid people to enter, I think it’s inappropriate. In fact, the real conservation is people and creatures’ interaction with each other here. Moreover, how to surround the land? As long as not to destroy deliberately, Instead that the human entry is not so serious, the control of pollution is more important, if we enter , the only human’s feeding and predation, that density is not so high. It is not an ordinary beach, so will not be easy to stay for a long time, if no one go to do the eco-tour guide, we will not recognize the internal ecosystem. So, basically ,we don’t tend to set up the sanctuary as the problem of pollution of the sea doesn’t be solve, it will still to continue . In the end, they will still disappear. We also don’t suggest to set up  a tourist attraction, we hope that in between moderate, such as parks opened within limit, so there are still restrictions, if it is classified as sanctuary, it will also impact on the nearby industrial area. (2011.8.12) "Thought the Ministry of the Interior had accepted the application of Baosheng Community Nature Reserve, the result is nothing. So we think that the establishment of the Government's industrial zone or the conservationists’ suggestion of the sanctuary, the most important thing is people’s opinions. The economic benefits which industrial areas bring on should not be underestimated, but the environmental maintenance of the sanctuary can not be ignored, too. The trade-off between the two is a test to the wisdom of the Government's handling of environmental issues.