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  “Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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I am a “little” chef

After interviewing the chefs of Nei-Men Township in person, we find it not only tough but burdened to be real chef. Nevertheless, we had to get to try how to make dishes to be a chef. We tried to design the menu and cooked the dishes on our own; in the mean time, we also needed to name our dishes well so that we could introduce these plates to every schoolmate on campus. Furthermore, we as well attempted to combine this activity with Chinese New Year so that every student in our school could enjoy the meal done on their own on a happiness-oriented campus.

As for this activity, we set students in a group by class and they had to decide what to cook at 9 am with their classmates. Among their dishes, one of them must be related to the activity “Jump and Drum team ” held in the school. This is because as soon as Chinese New Year approaches, the school will hold this activity “Little Chef.” Although we named it an activity, it is actually a competition; therefore, the school will have a few teachers to be the judges who can choose the best annual dish from that particular class to be the winner. Consequently, every class will be very ambitious to win the competition when this activity is taken place annually.

When it was the day of the competition, everyone was so excited about making dishes. Some people were busy preparing the utensils, while others were caught in setting up the food. Even though every single one was occupied, they were all very happy to fulfill their duty.

Finally it was 9 am! Upon this minute, we started to assign those people who would be responsible for making the dishes. There would be three dishes from our team. First of all, our first plate was “ Niu Chuan Chian Kuen.” We applied the egg roll to be our cover and put fried bacon and cheese inside. Afterwards, we decorated it to be like a shape of an ox. While the second plate was called “Huang Feng Chu Chau,” we cut the cooked squid ball into half and place them like the foundation of one pyramid; at the same time, we also topped some mayonnaise and stripey pieces on them. Layer by layer, it got to become a tasty dish! Last but not least, the last dish was called “ Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan.” We tried to put some sesame and peanut powder on the sticky rice cakes and then our last plate would be done. While enjoying the time very much, there was still time limit so that we almost couldn’t finish making the dishes by 11 am.

When we brought our dishes downstairs, we also needed to do some introduction over the dishes we had made. Though we felt like eating our plates, we stopped ourselves from doing so and performed one trick that made every student burst into laughter instead!

I not only learned how to make dishes on my own but also realized how hard-working my mom was from this activity. Despite the fact that I am about to graduate, this activity had a great impression on me!

Students from preschool presented “Da Ji Da Li” fruit-oriented dishes and wore a chef hat. Everyone looks like a little chef.

The little chef from the students on the second grade

The little chef from the students on the third grade
The little chef from the students on the fourth grade
The little chef from the students on the first grade
The little chef from the students on the sixth grade
The little chef from the students on the fifth grade