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“Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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1.The preparations of “Ban Dou”
2.One Busy Day for “Zong-Po-Shai”s (Before Sunrise)
3.Preparations before cooking
4.The decoration of the site
5.Showcase of one’s skills

The preparations of “Ban Dou”

According to “Zong-Po-Shai” Pan, if “Ban Dou” is going to be held in noon time, then “Zong-Po-Shai”s must get all things prepared at the site one day before; if “Ban Dou” is going to be held in the evening, then “Zong-Po-Shai”s must accomplish all of the work before that morning. As we can see from “Zong-Po-Shai” Pan’s warehouse, “Ban Dou” needs a lot of utensils. For “Ban Dou” to be carried out perfectly, every tool and material is essential. Therefore, preparations cannot be omitted.

In order to see how “Zong-Po-Shai”s prepare for “Ban Dou”, we went to visit “Zong-Po-Shai” Pan’s warehouse with our teacher one day after school to help out and observe “Zong-Po-Shai” Pan’s work We helped “Zong-Po-Shai” Pan load all his equipments onto a truck while practicing the rule of loading the heaviest and largest equipments first to balance the truck for safety issues.

Equipment for “Ban Dou” includes: propane, stoves, steamers, all kinds of plates that are packed in the baskets, as well as cookware such as: pots, bowls, ladles, and basins etc. “Zong-Po-Shai”s need to check and make sure everything is in order after they load the equipments onto the truck. It seems interesting that “Zong-Po-Shai”s do not need any checklists because they seem as if they have their checklists kept inside their minds. “Zong-Po-Shai”s can never make any mistakes on leaving an item behind because if they forget something, they cannot come back to retrieve it due to far distance and time consuming issues.