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“Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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Paraphernalia of a “Zong-Po-Shai” (Large Utensils)
Paraphernalia of a “Zong-Po-Shai” (Utensils’ List)

Paraphernalia of a “Zong-Po-Shai” (Cooking Utensils)

Paraphernalia of a “Zong-Po-Shai” (Large Utensils)

“Zhong-Po-Shai”s usually need to use many utensils so that they can make delicious foods. Some of the “Zhong-Po-Shai”s’ utensils are quite complicated. Most of the utensils that “Zhong-Po-Shai”s use are divided into four categories: cooking utensils, bowls and plates, tables and chairs, and others.

Modern Stove:

The weight of the modern stove is a little bit heavy. It is made of stainless steel. The middle of the stove is empty as shown in the picture. It is not sealed up. The bottom-middle part can hold a stainless steel stove. It doesn’t need to be like the picture show above.

Old Type Stove:

This is also called iron stove. It is made of the junk oil tank, which is lighter. The middle of the stove is empty and has a base which is sealed up and flat. By lifting the base higher, the fire and the base can be nearer to each other so the gas won’t be wasted. The height is around 30 cm to 50 cm. Stove matches are higher for taller “Zhong-Po-Shai”s so the “Zhong-Po-Shai”s can easily cook the food. The lower stoves are normally used to steam the food.

Fast Speed Stove:

Most of the Neimen “Zhong-Po-Shai”s use fast-speed stoves. The power of fast-speed stoves is much stronger than normal stoves because it can cook food faster.

Legs of the tables:

Most of the “Zhong-Po-Shai”s used to prepare their own chairs and tables. The trend for “Ban Dou” now is that the work is divided between people. “Zhong-Po-Shai”s can let other people prepare the chairs and tables. If the amount of the tables that needs to be prepared is short, then “Zhong-Po-Shai”s can prepare by themselves.

Water Pipes:

The length of the water pipes depends on the distance between the cooking place and the place which water can be provided. The amount of the water pipes depends on the number of tables they have. It is better to have more than 2 water pipes because one can be used to clean the plates while the other one can be used to cook.

Three types of chairs:
plastic chairs
Light, easy to move, but are not able to be seat heavy people
iron chairs
Heavy and longer-lasting
chairs with backrests

Provide comfortable sitting environment


Tabletops are normally round-shaped. There are two types: one with a 4 feet diameter and the other with 4.5 feet diameter. Recently, they wanted to provide better customer services, so bigger tables were provided. There were tabletops with diameters of 5 feet and 6 feet, which could seat around 8 to 10 people.

Three-legged vessels:
Neimen “Zhong-Po-Shai”s call the big pots used for cooking food the “three-legged vessel”. There are three types: large, medium, and small. A large three-legged vessel can be used to cook enough rice or soup for about 500 people.
1.) Large, three-legged vessel: about 90 centimeters in diameters.
2.) Medium, three-legged vessel: about 75 centimeters in diameters.

3.) Small, three-legged vessel: about 60 centimeters in diameters.

The basin is used for filling the ingredients or cleaning the ingredients, bowls and plates. It ranges in diameter between 25 and 70 centimeters most of the time. The number of ingredients and the size of plates would determine what chefs could use. The two materials used are in the following:
Iron or aluminum – mostly seen

Plastic – to be used when chefs clean the plates made of porcelain for fear that the friction between porcelain and iron/aluminum causes inerasable marks.

Barbeque Grills:

The barbeque grills used by “Zhong-Po-Shai”s have the same functions as the ones used at home. “Zhong-Po-Shai”s can handle multiple barbeque grills at the same time. Regardless of beefsteak or mutton chop etc., they can all be cooked to satisfying tastes.

Steamer Lid:
The lid of the steamer is used to keep the steam inside the steamer.


The diameter of a steamer is about 65 centimeters. It is used for steaming food. The steamer is put on top of the three-legged vessels which multiple steamers may be stacked on top of each other.

Data reference: Ou, Hui-Ping (2007) “Ban Dou” Industry Cultural Research in Nei-Men Town, Kaohsiung County