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  “Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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Man-Han Feast

  1. Generally speaking, there will be twelve to thirteen dishes in a banquet. Therefore, not every single dish will be displayed as we have just mentioned about fifteen dishes above. There are always twelve dishes chosen out of fifteen and among these dishes the common and frequently seen ones are cold dishes, thick soup, fish, chicken, steamed pork, shrimp or lobster, fruits, ice cone ,ice cream or sweet soup.
  2. 2. Frankly speaking, there will be two to three kinds of soup in one banquet, hotpots included.
  3. So far those banquets in a higher price will ask for some professional for assistance. For instance, the professional will help with the “roasted emperor crabs”, “barbequed codfish”, and “golden shrimp.”
  4. To pursue more diversity of the dishes, there will be two sorts of meal on one plate. For example, fried chicken leg and salty duck will be combined into one dish, while glutinous oil rice will be united with fried durian balls.
Reference: Ou, Huei-Pin(2007) The cultural research of banquet industry in Nei Men Township, Kaohsiung County

Cold plate:

  1. Mullet Roe

There are three ways to cook the mullet roe, including roasting, frying, and deep frying. The cook in the Nei-Men Township deal with the mullet roe by means of deep frying, except for the condition that the host has other preferences.
2. Canned abalone:
Canned abalone is processed by the food processors, and the banquet cook only need to chop the abalone into pieces.
3Jih-Yueh Clam:
Jih-Yueh clam is one kind of the shells. After they are washed, we need to put them into one pot to boil it. At last, we have to top some sauce on it so that it can be served.
4. Shrimp balls:
Small size of shrimps are used to make shrimp balls.
5. Sashimi:

For the lack of refrigerating facility, therefore, sashimi is brought to the banquet place by the seafood boss and cooked on the spot to maintain its freshness.

Thick soup:
The banquet cook usually deal with the thick soup in four different ways.
1) meat thick soup
2) Shark’s fin thick soup
3) Tiny fish with vegetable thick soup
4) Ovidcut thick soup

There are many various sorts of desserts for you to choose from, such as animal-shaped buns, tea jelly, coffee jelly, bird’s nest with sugar, or cakes. There are indeed many companies that offer ready-made food for the banquet cook and the host to choose from. As for the soup made by the banquet cook, “soup with lily and lotus seed” is the most frequently seen one. The way of making the soups is to put the lily, lotus seed, white edible tree fungus, and Chinese red date into one pot and cook all of them for a while.

Glutinous oil rice:

The most commonly seen glutinous oil rice are cooked with the egg yolk, crab, and eel.


  • Hotpot with mushrooms
  • Hotpot with lamb
  • Hotpot with seafood
  • Crab:

    1. Roasted emperor crab
    2. Steamed crab


    1. Four-Pao Soup

    It depends on the different ingredients and there are bamboo four-pao soup, abalone four-pao soup, and scallop four-pao soup.

    1.  Buddha's Casserole:

    Ingredients: Pig knuckle, spareribs, bird egg, tarot, chestnut, ham, and bamboo sprouts.

    The most normally seen dishes related to shrimps are salad shrimp and golden fried shrimp.

    On the menu is written “Tang Dynasty Yi Pin.” This is because in Tang Dynasty, Yi-Pin official was ranked very high so that Yi Pin is a prestigious name both at that time and now. As a result, those banquet cook mostly call this meal “Tang Dynasty Yi Pin,” while it is called “Da Feng” in Taiwanese.

    The most normally seen dishes with fish are steamed fish, fried fish with red sauce, smoky and fumigated fish, and the popular barbequed codfish in recent times.

    There are two different ways to make chicken soup or vice versa.
    The most generally seen dishes are:

    1. Chinese herb chicken soup: jewel orchid chicken soup, Polygonum Root chicken soup, ginseng chicken soup and four herbs chicken soup.
    2. Brazilian mushroom chicken soup
    3. Mushroom chicken soup
    4. Garlic chicken soup