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  “Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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The Great “Zhong-Po-Shai”s
Distribution of “Zhong-Po-Shai” in Nei-Men Town
Task Development for “Zhong-Po-Shai”s

The Great “Zhong-Po-Shai”s

As we can see from interviews with the “Zhong-Po-Shai”s, to become a great “Zhong-Po-Shai” one must start as an apprentice. In the early days, the first people doing the business of “Zhong-Po-Shai” in Nei-Men Town were Zhang-Qi Kuo, Si-Fu Tang and Zhu-Jiao Tang. They went to Long-Qi Town in Tainan County to become apprentices to culinary art masters and learned to cook. After that, they went back to their hometown and expanded the profession in the business of “Ban Dou”.

Great Culinary Art Master—Jin-Quan Huang

In the early age, most “Zhong-Po-Shai”s needed to go out of their hometown to learn cooking skills, but recently, plenty of “Zhong-Po-Shai”s inherited the business from their fathers, learned the skills and gained knowledge directly from their fathers when they were kids. Therefore, these new generations get their skills for being great “Zhong-Po-Shai”s inevitably.

Culinary Art Master—Si-Fu Tang

“It is always hard from the beginning.” To become a “Zhong-Po-Shai”, proficient cooking skills that can accommodate customers’ tastes is required. Besides, “good relationships” and “well-service attitudes” are also two other important key elements of becoming a great “Zhong-Po-Shai” because the recognition in the business of “Zhong-Po-Shai” needs to be spread by word of mouth of the customers. By being recognized, requests for such business will gradually but surely become abundant. Only the ones that can make good impressions to the customers can be called “Zhong-Po Shai”; otherwise, they are just a chef with good cooking skills.

From the process of “Ban Dou”, we can see that there are lots of tasks for the “Zhong-Po-Shai”s to learn. This is not just an average cooking session. When they need to set up one hundred tables of dishes, they have to learn how to manage the working-pace and dishes in order to prevent customers from waiting or servers giving out too many dishes at the same time.

As “Zhong-Po-Shai”s receive the order from customers, the first thing they have to do is to decide the number of tables they have to set and the cost of food and service for each table. This is because the number of tables affects how many workers they have to hire and the contents of the dishes affect the price. Nowadays, most “Zhong-Po-Shai”s do not need to go to the market in person to purchase the cooking materials because they have connections with the market sales. They only things they need to do are to submit the order sheet to the market sales and then these sales will automatically send the cooking materials to them. If they need to set up the tent, they can find professional suppliers to help them out. Even for the drinks, they can still have suppliers help handle it. By doing this, it will save a lot of time and help services become more efficient for the “Zhong-Po-Shai”s.