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  “Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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Research Agenda
Research agenda Reflection Behind the scene JYI-team

Research Agenda:
◎ Time: October 31th,2008
◎ Content:
1. Discuss the structure of the Internet
2. Special Topic discussion of the Internet World Exposition

We were basically talking about the structure of the Internet and the content of the Internet Exposition. I have never dealt with something related to Internet structure. Therefore, I must put my best foot forward during this activity!
Today was the first discussion so we were all very excited. During the discussion, teacher introduced the structure of internet to us and announced next meeting detail. He told us, “Today is just the discussion and you would need to do the research by yourself next time.”

   After the introduction, I realized I didn’t know much and there were so many things to learn. The main thing of the meeting today was about the structure of internet and the content of Internet World Exhibition. I never learnt anything about the structure of internet so I must work hard and learn hard this time.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.03
1. Discussion of Internet structure
2. Discussion of Internet World Exposition

I’d seen lots of great works and learnt a lot today. Each work showed the local specialties and culture and it had inspired my interests to go there and experience the different cultures.
We also had a very special culture called “Luo Han Men” and I hope that we could do what they had done and show our culture to people around the world by internet.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.07
1. Decide when to do the interview
2. Decide whom to interview
3. Decide the topics

Here I would like to thank Teacher Tou for giving some good ideas. During the discussion, we found out that things are still unclear although there was so much information about chef on the internet. So, we put all the questions in the question list and hoped we could learn more about chef in this interview.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.13
1. Interview Mr. Pan
2. Know more about the job
3. Discuss the topics

After school, we visited Mr. Pan with my classmates and my teacher. He lived near by our school so we just walked there.

We prepared 10 questions and there were 5 of us so it’s 2 for each. Mine were the last 2. After we finished the interview, Principal and Mr. Pan had a short talk and at the same time, we started to look at the notes and found out it wasn’t easy to be a good chef. They need to take the complaints, and deal with many problems. It’s good I’d participated in this activity, or I would never know so much about chef.

I used to be shy while talking to strangers but after the interview, I noticed I didn’t and maybe that’s because I’d joined the speech contest before and gained some experience. I believe that contests would make people grow and also would affect people life.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.17
◎Content: Know more about the preparation

We visited Mr. Pan after school and learnt more about the preparation. I saw them moving the utensil to the car without any break but Mr. Pan finished in a few minutes and didn’t show any tiredness. I just felt tired by watching. Because of this, I thought they were really very professional and they deserved more of our respects. 
I believed, to be a chef, the first thing was to be strong. They could move all the utensils without any break, but, we were so tired after moving just a few. I believed that the chefs needed to train themselves and be strong or they would be exhausted before work.
After school, we followed our teacher to Mr. Pan’s and my job was to take pictures of the places where they put the utensils. I saw Mr. Pan and his co-workers moved all the utensils to the car and I realized it’s not an easy job coz there was so many things needs to be done. I did respect them and the job.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.20
◎Content: Know more about the preparation

Me and my 6 classmates, we visited Mr. Pan today and it was a long way from here. Ms Pan just went out and led us to her house while she saw us. We were so nervous.
After we got in, Ms Pan treated us some drink but we were still very nervous. Before we started, Principal asked Mr. Pan, “When should I get up if I want to go with you?” and Mr. Pan replied, “5 am”-So early in the mooring! After a while, it’s my turn to ask and still, so nervous.

After the interview, we realized it’s a hard job being a chef and Mr. Pan said, “if the job is at lunch, then we need to move all the utensil to the car one night earlier and it’s even harder if it’s in summer. I would need to cook in front of a spoiling hot pot and also focus on the cleanliness and fresh. I could feel how hard this job was just to hear it.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.25
1. Give thanks card

2. Share the reflection with Mr. Pan
3. Introduction of utensil by Mr. Pan

In order to show our gratitude to the demonstration of Mr. Pan, we made a thank-you card and bought a gift for him. We went there not only for sending gifts but learned the utensils of the cookery stuff.

Since it happened to us that Mr. Pan was away, Mrs. Pan exhibited those utensils for us. During the demonstration, we took pictures of utensils and the teacher also asked us to talk about the specialty and characteristics of those utensils. I had got a sieve and that was used for drying the vegetables. U felt that it was unique because it was bigger than any other sieve, and that’s perfect for drying the veggies!

After we had known all the utensils, Mr. Pan was about home. Then the principle started talking something with Mr. Pan. I felt the utensils were very interesting, such as the frying pan and the sieve. Through the display, I got deeper understanding of the cookery world.

We went to Mr. Pans’ to send the thank-you cards to them and asked some opinions of theirs. When arriving at his house, Mrs. Pan received the presents since Mr. Pan is away on business. Afterwards, Mrs. Pan demonstrated how their utensils worked and we all knew how they worked. We went home after saying bye to Mrs. Pan.

We went to Mr. Pan’s again and we brought the thank-you cards and gifts there. Mrs. Pan greeted us since Mr. Pan was not at home and she also took all the presents we gave. Mrs. Pan was a great helper of Mr. Pan’s so that they matched each other so much. After a while, Mrs. Pan taught us how their utensils worked. I felt it very fascinating since most of the utensils are bigger than the ones our mothers used at home.

◎Activity Time: 2008.11.28
◎Content:  Join the wedding dinner activity

In order to join the banquet, I got up very early this morning. The teacher had been there before I ran downstairs. Afterwards, the teacher and I headed for Mr. Pan’s. It was so cold that way with only 11 degrees! Yi-Chin, my teacher, their assistants and I had been waiting for Mr. Pan. As soon as Mr. Pan was ready, we all set out for the banquet plaza.
However, we had been lost at that time and ask Shiou Shiou for Mr. Pan’s cell phone number but she had no idea of it. Then we turned to Shi-Yu for help, and at last Shi-Yu’s grandma helped us find the location of the plaza. As soon as we arrived at the plaza, we started our interview and then our teachers went back with some classmates since they had to practice their martial arts. When we went to the plaza again, Mrs. Pan was doing “glutinous oil rice” and she treated us some of it. After eating it, we began our photo shooting before we went home.

◎Activity Time: 2008.12.26
◎Content:  Ask chef questions

We were doing interview of another chef to understand different viewpoints of the chefs; therefore, we went to interview Master Wen-Shiung Kung at Tzu-Chu Temple in Nei-Men Township. We went to his house for the interview, but we could not understand him very well since he spoke Taiwanese very fast all the way. After thirty minutes, we were done with the interview and Mr. Kung said that he would like to introduce us the place for putting the utensils. I was in amazement because that place was very huge and even bigger than my house. We sent him the thank-you card and said bye to Mr. Kung before we went home.
We went to visit another chef-Mr. Wen-Shiun Kung at Tzu-Chu Temple in Nei-Men Township. We did the same kind of interview as we did that of Mr. Pan. Afterwards, we started our interview after the principle showed his card to Mr. Kung. We did the interview as if we were the reporters. At the same time, Mr. Kung also showed us the menu of his received order, and he also presented us with his picture with President Ma. Then Mr. Kung showed us the place that he put his banquet utensils, and we were all stunned because of its grand size. After seeing it, we took pictures with Mr. Kung and told him that we would pay him a visit in the near future.
We headed for another house of one chef’s-Mr. Wen-Shiung Kung, and he is not only a chef but the ex-village head of Kuan-Ting Village. Besides, the Dean of Chi-San Elementary School also dropped by him. We were treated well as soon as we entered his house, and we found that his house is well-decorated and filled with great quality of one chef. At first, the principle helped us with the question, and then Ming-Huei Dai helped us ask other questions. Later on, Mr. Kung brought us to the place of his cookery utensils, and we all felt that the place is well-ordered. Furthermore, the plates there were so pretty that we were all astonished. At last, we sent Mr. Kung a thank-you card and then we left for home.

We were going to another chef’s big house and he was named Mr. Wen-Shiung Kung. Afterwards, we started our interview by having Jeng-Shiou Chang ask the first question. Then we went to the place that Mr. Kung put his utensils, and we were so shocked for the sake of its size.

◎Activity Time: 2009.1.16
◎Content: Experience being a chef

The activity we planed to do during the Chinese New Year had started and the plan was to make 2 dishes. One was sticky rice cake because we thought our teachers would like it and the other one was called” Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan”. Teacher wanted to find a volunteer to fry the bacon and my classmate, Dai Ming Huei, he wanted to try and finally he made delicious bacon, just like a little chef.
Then, teacher taught the rest of us another dish, “Huang Fong Chu Chao “, he was confident making a delicious one because it’s his idea. He taught us step by step and let us do it right after it’s done and just like teacher said, it’s so tasty. My dish was called, “Niou Jhuan Gan Kun “, and teacher just came help me after he finished his dish. He taught us how to fold the dough and we also needed to put some pepper on it. Teacher was sweating and everybody was so busy and after a while, it was done and of course, it was tasty. We noticed we didn’t have enough time so we just moved on to the next dish, “Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan”.
Siou Siou brought the oil and what we needed to do was to moisten the sticky rice cake with some oil and put some powder on it and teacher was busy putting the dressed sticky rice cake into an “ox” shape. Just in time, the school bell rang and we finished.

Then it’s time to introduce the dishes. My underclassmen all did it in the same way and being the upperclassmen, of course we needed to do it better. Teacher asked us to introduce in a funny way and Liou Wei Syuan, my classmate, he was really a comedian and performed successfully. After the introduction, we all enjoyed a lot but we couldn’t stop thinking the food in front and ate them all very soon. We had this activity every year but I did have different reflections every time.