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  Words from Teacher

To be honest, I have no idea what the contest of Cyber Fair is, and I have never participated in such an activity before.
During teachers’ morning meeting, the dean of educational administration had mentioned what Cyber Fair is.  I just jotted it down and asked my students if they are interested in this competition.  To my surprise, the response is overwhelmingly positive.  Consequently, our beautiful team, LVJAM is formed.
From the very beginning, our children took care by themselves for all the details including naming the team, setting up the internet account number & password, choosing the topic, crafting the questionnaires, and organizing the group to complete the different tasks etc.  They have made every effort to complete this project while I only sometimes gave my opinion for their reference.  Even though I attended the Cyber Fair workshop to gain some understanding of it, we have still been doing and learning simultaneously since then.  I am so proud of my children for their courage to take the challenge, their self-motivation and their perseverance in the processes of completing this project.  Each of them is able to interview the strangers calmly and record the interview results in different ways. 
Finally, they work together to complete their project and achieve their goal.  Through this collective effort and research, it is believed that children have gained the valuable experience and knowledge.I would like to express my thanks to students’ parents for your cooperation and especially to my children for your effort and dedication to this project.  You are always the best

Words from Students



I am genuinely glad to have this opportunity to take part in the contest of Cyber Fair with my dear classmates.   Not only does this project broaden my horizons and learn much knowledge, but also lends me a great opportunity to experience in person and do something untaught by textbooks, such as conducting an interview and preparing data.  Young and I conducted field studies about Jingmei’s traffic facilities, including parking lots, MRTs, and bus stations.  Though we encountered some setback during field studies, for example we couldn’t communicate with a respondent in Chinese, we also had some great moments such as getting useful information and having Young’s mother treat us to delicious fried chicken.   After this great experience, we know how to collaborate each other to accomplish our work, and I am looking forward to having another opportunity to participate in such an activity.



At the very beginning of the project, I think it would be fun to participate in the contest of Cyber Fair and it would also be great to have this opportunity to go playing with my classmates.  But, I found that it was not like that.  I had been making many phone calls to the precinct chiefs in order to make appointments for interviews, and some of them didn’t show friendly responses.  Eventually, I got three appointments arranged.  For the first interview, the precinct chief looked pleased and answered my question merrily.  I wrote down his answers sentence by sentence, but they were fragmentary notes without connected thoughts.  However, my mother noted a lot of useful information down.  At that moment, I started to feel troubled and have doubts about this contest.  Until interviewing with the third precinct chief who owns a Chinese drugstore and talked a lot, I became interested in this contest again.  After the interviews, it took me a lot of time to sort out notes and information, arrange photos and finally finish report.  It would take me more than one year to complete the report unless I had my mom’s help.  The teacher gives me high praise for accomplishing this comprehensive report.  And, I feel fulfilled, happy, and satisfied with the results.



Taking part in the contest of Cyber Fair, I do learned a lot, such as techniques for designing questionnaires, typing speed, document formatting skills, and art designing.  I have made progress in the application of computer through this activity.  I deeply feel that this is a very meaningful event, and hope that I would have the privilege of participating in such a wonderful activity once again.



Once teacher told us about this contest of Cyber Fair, I was interested in it and decided to form a team to take part in this meaning competition.  My father helped to allocate task responsibilities and to make up completion timetable for us to order to ensure everything went according to schedule.  I was assigned to visit Jingmei markets and explore Jingmei art and literature.  We had difficulty communicating with the elders in Mandarin while we were paying visits to markets and temples.  Since some of them speak Taiwanese mainly, luckily we had our parents’ help to overcome such a problem.  To join this contest and to work together with my dear classmates on completing our project does help me learn new skills, such as the interviewing technique and typing speed improvement.   It has a beneficial effect on our learning.  It is a valuable and rewarding contest, and I would expect to take part in this kind of activities again and again.





This is a challenging and inspiring contest.  We had run into several problems, but we did successfully manage to get over them one by one.  The first problem facing us was the numbers of participants.   Also, when it came time to decide an interesting and comprehensive subject for this contest, everyone had his or her own ideas that were extremely different and diverse.  We just couldn’t come to a conclusion.  Fortunately, under Megan father’s assistance and guidance, we not only increased our teammates from 5 to 14, but also finalized our subject and the assignments of task responsibilities.  Since then, the teamwork works smoothly.  I remembered that Vanessa and I were assigned to pay visits to the shops in night market.  Due to the wrong timing, we only made 4 interviews with the shop owners for our first visit.  Consequently, we learned to think in their shoes.  In order not to interrupt their businesses, we went there earlier before their business hours.  As they were not much occupied, they were more willing to talk with us.   All in all, this contest will be one of the most touching and unforgettable memories in our childhood.  We have done our best and fully applied what we have learned to accomplish our goal.   Therefore, no matter whether we will win the prize or not, everyone is having a great time and a constructive learning experience.



As soon as teacher asked me if I would like to take part in the Cyber Fair contest, I immediately gave my consent to it without the second thought.   At that time, I didn’t know anything about how to set up a web site, not to mention what the related software is.  Nevertheless, now I have already understood the basic structures of a web site, and also learned how to effectively make interviews with the shop owners.  Even though, I had once felt quite disappointed because of the interviewees’ indifference and their failure of keeping an appointment.  However, after Megan and I worked diligently to finish our topic report and this report was posted on our web site, I find that all these efforts are worthwhile.  Making preparations for the contest has brought me knowledge, enjoyment and a tremendously fulfilling feeling.   I deeply believe that we could create the most wonderful web site, since we have been always setting our hearts on making it.   Just as the saying goes, ‘Where there's a will there's a way.



When teacher asked me if I wanted to join the Cyber Fair contest, I was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to be in.  Finally, I decided to participate in it.   My assigned tasks are to interview cyclists in bikeway and to help with setting up web site.  Therefore, my first move was going interviewing cyclists with my family, and I also went to visit bikeway association with my auntie for more information.   After that I thoroughly realized the reasoning behind the proverb, ‘Seeing is believing.’  Also, I tried my best to be of help to make our web site, and I have learned a lot through the processes.  It is an honor to be a part of this marvelous team, and I wish to express my gratitude to my dear teacher and classmates’ parents for their immense practical help.



Though this is my first time to take part in the activity of Cyber Fair, I would say that it is a worthwhile and excellent contest.  On one hand, this contest helps us to get better at doing researches and reports.  On the other hand, it strengthens our teamwork and deepens the camaraderie between us.   I am responsible for calling on the most popular shops in Jingmei night market and art designing.  Making interviews particularly impressed me, because I was so nervous to make my first interview.  My communication skill makes an enormous progress, and now I am a confident interviewer.   And besides, since I am very fond of art designing, I am so happy and thrilled to have this opportunity to bring my art designing talent into play.   Now, after two months’ hardworking, we together accomplish our project.   Looking into our work, all these efforts become rewarding and meaningful.   Hopefully, our brainchild could let people have a profound impression and a better understanding of Jingmei.

Chung Lin


My assignment is to make a survey of Xianji Rock Hiking Trail.  In order to make my research more comprehensive, my teammates and I also did some interviews with mountain climbers.  Even though I was nervous about doing interviews, but I exerted myself mightily to this task.  In my opinion, to take part in Cyber Fair could really help participants to enhance their abilities to do researches and interviews, to sort out the collected data, and to come up with productive results.  Furthermore, Cyber Fair has a beneficial effect on balancing and advancing the development of domestic web sits.  Having been through this learning journey, we devoutly hope that there are more people to take full advantage of this platform and benefit from it.



My task is to check up on Jingmei’s traffic facilities (including parking lots, MRTs, and bus stations) and to collect information about their different fares and ways of management.  It was a massive task for us, because Andy and I got to go around all these places to gather data.  From the outset I felt troublesome to do it.   But soon, when it came time to do interviews and researches, I did have much fun doing it.  It was delightful to go out with my dear teammate to do the field works.  After doing these tasks, my bravery is much strengthened; I know how to talk with strangers and how to collaborate with the others to accomplish our goal.  Lastly, I would like to give thanks to my mom for bearing hardship without complaining to accompany and drive us around to finish our tasks.

Pin Fang


It sounded like a very difficult work to me when teacher told us about this Cyber Fair contest.  Lots of my classmates were eager to give a try; therefore I decided to take the challenge with my best friends.  Iris and I have been on a mission to draw up the contents of questionnaires for all task teams.  At first, we had no idea of it at all.   With my father’s assistance and guidance, Iris and I respectively drafted some questions at home, and then got together to consolidate and finalize the appropriate questions.  This task was hard and tiring, and it took us two weeks to pull it off.  I was a person who didn’t like to join any contest, but now I think differently.  I find that it is a pleasant, precious and fulfilling experience to be able to work together with my dear classmates to complete a project.  I am looking forward to having another opportunity to participate in such an activity.



My assigned task is to find out how Jingmei markets and nearby schools evolved into current status by calling on precinct chiefs.  Since I enjoy being a guest of the others, I thought that my task was very interesting and attractive.  However, it was very difficult to make appointments with precinct chiefs.  Most of them said they were quite busy.  With Kelly mother’s help, we finally got the chance to make visits to three precinct chiefs.   After the interviews, I found that they are very friendly, cheerful, and civic-minded.  No wonder they are elected to be precinct chiefs.   Participating in this contest is like going through a great training, and I am so happy to have the chance to team up with my classmates to accomplish our project.   This is truly a fantastic memory.



Chung Lin and I are responsible for exploring Xianji Rock Hiking Trail.  After our exploration, we found this hiking trail actually is quite near our homes, and it is also one of the most favorite places of many mountain climbers over the weekends and vacations.  There are as many as fourteen entrances for mountain climbers to hit the road.  On the way of Xianji Rock Hiking Trail, we could find squirrels, butterflies, and birds, and discover different kinds of plants, such as tree ferns, zuihoensis, and waxberries.   Were it not for this contest and exploration, I wouldn’t know all these things.   I really think I have learned a lot from it, and it has left me lasting and unforgettable memories.



I was privileged to be a member of our team, since I was not good at using computer before this contest.  From the very beginning, I was jittery about how to make a contribution to our team.  But right now, I truly believe that we together can present fruitful results and outstanding performance, after all teammates selflessly made concerted efforts to achieve our goal.   Although it is great and wonderful to win the prize, I think it is what we have done and learned in the process that really matters.  In order to successfully complete our project, we elaborately planned our tasks and division of labors and responsibilities such as designing web site designing, formatting the layout of screen page, collecting data, and keeping working journals.  Each team followed its own plan and schedule and gradually finished tasks to generate the expected outcomes step by step.  We are happily going all out for our collective goal, and just as the saying goes, ‘No pain, and no gain.’   All these troubles and pains are worthy when we see our efforts beautifully presented on our web site.

Before joining this Cyber Fair contest, I was a layman.  Now, I have already created our own web site that could be linked from the front page of Ching Shin Elementary and Junior School.   Within one month, there have been more than three hundred persons visiting my web site.   Some even left messages to me, and I am deeply amazed and moved by it.  And, all of these must thank to what I learned during the process.  This Cyber Fair contest has ushered us into the web site world, and let move on to discover this brand new world.   Where there’s a web site, there’s a small world.

Ying Ting


I envy the classmates who were going to the Cyberfair contest, but since I am weak at computers, I have no confidence in entering a website contest. Then, my teacher asked me if I wanted to be the translator for us entering the worldwide contest. As I have excellent English skills, I was glad for the opportunity to use them.

So now, I am the translator for the team. I want to thank all of you for this different experience!

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