(By reporter Megan in Jingmei) Jingmei had played an important role in the past by virtue of its transportation characteristics and geography features.  However, they were also the factors in overplaying Jingmei’s history and distinguishing features.  Along with the transition of environment and the advances of transportation, Jingmei, a fair without dominating features, gradually fell into decline.   Thus, Jingmei’s importance of being a fair was replaced that of Gongguan.

In fact, tracing back to the history, Jingwen Street was comprised of Leou Gong River and street together.  However, due to transportation constructions, government added a cover over Leou Gong River and it was buried underground.  In this way, it also buried the history and the special features of Jingmei together.  Nowadays Jingwen Street is not as critical as before, after the transportation networks become convenient.  In order to bring back Jingmei historical significance and local characteristics, the ruling party should take time to consider what to do next.

There are two successful cases, Seoul in Korea and Kaohsiung in Taiwan, of government’s efforts to successfully reconstruct river and then to mold a brand new city view.  As we are aware that chief Liao, Taipei City cultural bureau, visited the gather ground between Leou Gong River and Keelung River at the end of 2006, intending to dredge and rebuilt Leou Gong River.  However, with the immense scope of this project and budget concern, it has been postponed and become a pending issue.

Therefore, we would like to urge here that this is a great opportunity facing us to develop the beauty of Jingmei through removing the cover on Jingwen Street and to rebuild Leou Gong River.  Let the distinguishing features of this waterside fair bring to life once again.  It will definitely be a pleasant surprise to everyone to find this brand new and elegant landscape in Jingmei!

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