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Today, only Jingmei residents shop at the morning market. In the night market, there are no more big crowds as before. Department stores shut down and the supermarkets’ business is getting worse. Only one movie theater still survives for playing off-run movies. Nevertheless, the establishment of Taipei Public Library and Taipei Cultural Center revitalizes Jingmei.

Taipei Cultural Center has a unique exterior design. Inside the center are exhibition halls, conference rooms, and a kids’ theater for all types of performances. In addition to that, the Jingxing Branch of Taipei Public Library designs its 6th floor as the reading area exclusively for kids.

There are also other places like Jiing Temple for kids to have fun. Jiing Temple’s elder volunteers love to tell kids stories. You are welcome to visit Jiing Temple any time except on the 1st and 15th day of each month in the lunar calendar. There are many wonderful sights and various creatures along the way to Xianji Yan Temple. So, it is a right place to go where you can enjoy Jingmei’s arts and culture.

Even though Jingmei has few places for doing cultural activities, each of them does have its uniqueness. For example:

Taipei Cultural Center,Wenshan Branch:Its target group is kids.

Taipei Public Library,Jingxing Branch:The theme of this branch is Education

Jingmei Jiing Temple:It is the only national historical site in Wenshan District

Jingmei Xianji Yan Temple:It has beautiful sights along the Xiangji Rock Hiking Trail.

Taipei Cultural Center, Wenshan Branch ★ Jingmei Jiing Temple
Taipei Public Library, Jingxing Branch  ★ ingmei Xianji Yan Temple 

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